​SAMSUNG Level U Bluetooth Headphones Review: Fair and Worthy


At first sight, this SAMSUNG Level U bluetooth headphones looks superior. The whole packing box is matte, and the color of dark gold is in harmony with the color of the bluetooth headphones. The bar code is attached on the top right corner. The words ”SAMSUNG LEVEL U” on the top left makes the whole box look elegant. The pattern of headphones is stereoscopic.

Erect the packing box, and take a picture:

​SAMSUNG Level U Bluetooth Headphones Review: Fair and Worthy

Open the packing box violently(the sealing is hard to remove), and the headphones shows up. The headphones is in the box with three ear pads, and adding the ear pad on the headphones, there are four ear pads in all. Three of them is ordinary in-ear, which are in small, medium, and large size respectively. Another is with ear wings, which only have medium size.Along with packing box are specification and warranty card. However there are no USB cable and charging head.

​SAMSUNG Level U Bluetooth Headphones Review: Fair and Worthy

Some buttons and interfaces are in the following. First of all, the charging interface and microphone 1 in the red circle can be seem from the inner side of headphones. The inicator light is in the yellow circle.

In the opposite side is the on-off key, which is original and easy to distinguish whether the headphones is on or off.

The headphones wire is fixed on the leg of headphones by a rubber ring and transparent ashesive tape to make sure the wire of headphones wouldn’t be messed up.

There is nothing on the left leg of headphones, and there are three buttons on the right, which are volume buttons of turning up and down, and multifunction key. You short press the volume button of turning up to turn up the volume, and you long press it to switch to next music. You short press the volume button of turning down to turn down the volume, and you long press it to switch to last music. You short press the multifunction key to pause and play music, and long press it to switch to next music. When a call comes, you short press multifunction key to answer, and long press it to hang up. In addition, there is microphone 2 on the right leg of headphones, which means this headphones has two microphones, one locates around the neck and another is on the right leg.

​SAMSUNG Level U Bluetooth Headphones Review: Fair and Worthy

The headphones is made of plastic material, and the legs of headphones are connected with the main part by rubber material. It can be bended slightly to be geared to different demands.

There is magnet in the headphones. When the two headphones get close, they would be drawn together without pausing the music.

After turning on the headphones, the red and blue color of indicator light flicker alternately, and then directely get into pair mode. If you want to pair it with other devices, you can long press multifunction key to get into pair mode when the headphones are not connected.

The mobile phone discovers headphones quickly, and connect fast too. After the phone connects with headphones, the top right corner of the phone display connection status, but does not display the electric quantity, which is inferior to Meizu EP51.

The charging interface is micro usb, which is available easily. When it is charging, the indicator light is red. It has low charging power that is only 0.72W. The indicator light turns to blue when fully charged.

This headphone goes with App named Samsung Level that does not have IOS version, so I borrowed my friend’s Android phone to use the App, which really disappoints me. This APP can only be downloaded in the Samsung Store.

You open the APP and connect with headphones, and there are only few items to set. You can only set notification and volume, and can see the electric quantity. It is said that using it with TTS can broadcast notifications by voice. However, I did not test because it was my friend’s Samsung phone.

​SAMSUNG Level U Bluetooth Headphones Review: Fair and Worthy

There are introductions of function in user’s manual. If you have any problems, you can just refer to it. Whereas the headphones are so simple that do not need any time to learn.

As for adjusting volume, the indicator light turns to red when the volume is too loud.

As for sound quality, the bass of the headphones is brilliant, but the meddle frequency is not full enough, and high frequency is also insufficient. Of course, you can’t ask for too much for 30USD headphones.



Good-looking appearance and above average confort level.

Officially, the time of working can reach 8 hours, and it can last 5-6 hours normally.


The electric quantity is invisible, and the speed of charging is too slow.

There is no noise reduction, which is inferior to Meizu EP51.

It is made of plastic material, which is nondurable.

Bad waterproofness.

Author: muzi_lee

Source: smzdm.com

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