10 Beauty Essentials for Beach Getaway


Everyone always look forward to a
weekend at the beach. It is always fun to plan about a nice summer getaway on
sun kissed beaches and the great blue ocean waves. A sexy beachwear and a towel
is not the only thing to bring when you go to the beach. Let’s briefly take a
look at some beauty essentials for beach
to look and feel great even when you are completely soaked up.

A Coverup

The most
important thing to take care of your body when you are in a vacation so a
Coverup is important for protecting yourself from the harmful rays of the sun.
The Coverup is also useful for protecting yourself from the cold summer nights.

A Wide brim hat and a pair of shades

Protect your
beautiful face from the sun with a wide brim hat. It is also useful as a makeshift
fan during warm summer afternoons. Do not forget a good set of sunnies to
protect your eyes from the harmful sun.

A Bag for the beach

essential beach companion is the beach bag. An easily stowable bag for your beach clothes is a must. It’s also great for storing extra change of
clothes. The beach bag must be durable to avoid a fashion disaster.

A Beach Towel

An afternoon
in the beach is incomplete without a Beach Towel, this beach towel is not only
great for drying after a fun day of swimming it is also a perfect companion for having a tan or spending the
afternoon lazily on the beach.

The SunScreen

Your best
friend whenever you go to the beach is the SunScreen. It protects you from the
harmful rays of the sun while you enjoy your day swimming or lazily walking
along the seashore.

The Glow Pad

The beach is
the great place to go for a tan but too much sunlight can be harmful for your
skin so having a set of glow pads for self tanning in the comfort under a shade
is a great idea.

A Tinted Moisturizer

Being in
vacation does not mean you stop taking care of your skin especially in warm
tropical weather. Keep your skin soft and flawless with a moisturizer to help
protect it from the harsh tropical sun.

Anti-Humidity Spray

Our wide
brim hat is not enough to protect from the warm humid weather on the beach so
keep your hair healthy and avoid frizz with the anti-humidity spray.

10 Beauty Essentials for Beach Getaway

Waterproof Foundation, eyebrow liner and Mascara

Always have
your makeup on point with a waterproof foundation and keep your confidence high
even when swimming with the waterproof makeup essentials .

Handy Makeup bag

Always keep
your makeup close by with a handy makeup bag. Avoid the hassle of constantly
looking for them in your beach bag by organizing them so you can always pull
them out every time you want a retouch.

These beauty essentials for beach getaways should be on your checklist
whenever you plan on going to the beach for a worry free and enjoyable beach
outing. Avoid the hassle of rummaging through your luggage with a Beach Bag.
Keep your skin healthy and glowing by protecting it with your sunscreens and
moisturizers. Avoid the frustrations of treating a sunburn by always bringing
these essentials.

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