With the advent of the summers, umbrella is now an inevitable necessity that is in the checklist of all of us. Moreover, the rainy season begins just after that, hence an umbrella that caters to both the seasons and survives their harsh spells is a must buy. There are a number of things however that we should keep in mind while buying the umbrellas, some of which are as follows-

  • Durability: Before buying umbrellas, we should be aware of the durability of the product and know which types and brands of product have been good. If the umbrella is not resistant to the summer heat and the rain then there is no point in investing on it. We should at first know about the type of material used and then plunge to buy the product.

  • Weight and Width: We should buy umbrellas that are considerably large in size so that the umbrellas are able o accommodate minimum two people at one go. Also the weight of the umbrella should be very heavy as it will not be very convenient for us to move around with the umbrella and it will be extremely inconvenient.

  • Simple Design for Convenience: The design of the umbrella that we buy should not be too complicated as it will only enhance the probability of the umbrella being broken down. Too much fancy designs and complicated machinery will only make it uncomfortable for us to use the product and we might even break it.

  • Unique Design: Although this does not add up to the serious reasons of buying a particular product but if suppose we use the umbrella to shade us in a crowded beach or at an unknown place, the unique design of the umbrella can help near and dear ones to recognize and track us in case they are not able to find us out.

Therefore, keeping these points in mind, we have shortlisted a few umbrellas, that we think could be helpful to use. We will be reaching the best product at the end, and will be quoting the top 10 products. They would be:

10.Holiday Brand Designer Two Fold Umbrella

This type is one of the most famous brands for umbrella in India and this brand provides you an array of color to choose from. Mainly Polyester and Nylon is used in making the umbrellas and it claims to provide UV Ray protection to the users. Also, a good point in it is that it opens automatically. The price usually ranges from Rs.300 to Rs. 550 for this product.

We can always have a look in here for better understanding


Worth It: Holiday Brand Designer & Classy Two Fold Umbrellas for Couple/ Set of two

₹525, 42% off Amazon.in Apr 11

9. Swastik Umbrella

Swastik is also one of the leading brands in producing umbrellas and they make a huge variety of products. The main material that they use in making the umbrellas is polyester and the colors black and silver are mainly used to make the umbrellas. They make umbrellas in the affordable range of Rs.250 –Rs.400.

Take a glance at this link for more understanding


Worth It: Swastik Polyester Umbrella 3 fold

₹380 Amazon.in Apr 11

8.Eseries Umbrellas

Eseries is also one of the leading brands in producing the best umbrellas and exhibits a huge variety. These umbrellas are pocket sizes and can be folded and kept in your handbags, plus they look very stylish. They come in covers which are of the same color like the umbrella itself. Their price ranges from Rs. 400- Rs.550.

Here is a link that might help you locate products of this brand



7. Burberry

Burberry in itself an infamous brand and the umbrellas that it has are extraordinarily stylish and fashionable. They are extremely classy and the durability quotient of the products is top notch. Though these products are little on the costlier side and starts from a range of Rs.700, we still see a lot of buyers for these products.

Have a look into this link to choose the best from the rest



6. United Colors of Benetton

United Colors of Benetton or UCB as we know needs no introduction separately as it is a world famous brand. The umbrellas produced by this brand are one of the best in India. They are extremely fashionable and they experiment with different bright colors thus boosting up the drooping mood on a dark, grim, gloomy rainy day. The prices are definitely on the higher side for this brand but once we buy one umbrella, it totally justifies the money that we had paid for it.

Here’s a sneak peek to one such product



5. Elephant

This is an indigenous company and it one of the best in producing raincoats and umbrellas. These umbrellas are usually opened and closed manually but there are other models that open and close automatically too. Also the mechanism in the entire product is of high end quality this increasing its durability. These have matching handles and good grips and are an excellent choice for everyday use. The prices are quite low for the normal ones and for the more fashionable ones it ranges from Rs.800-Rs.1500.

Have a look for yourself to know more about this


Worth It: Elephant Umbrellas 3 Fold Budget Black Umbrella

₹220 Amazon.in Apr 11

4. Citizen

This brand makes various kinds of umbrellas of different patterns and styles. The prices are also very affordable however along with the design and the mechanism of the product, the prices also change. They are easily affordable between Rs. 250 – Rs. 875

Let’s have a look into this kind of umbrella


Worth It: SPHINX ‘Citizen’ Three Fold MANUAL Umbrella

₹349, 42% off Amazon.in Apr 11

3. Sun

The Sun brand is one of the best producers of umbrellas in India and they have been into this umbrella business for about 120 years now. This company makes gender specific products for its customers and have been performing exceptionally well in the market. Like for instance, if they make umbrellas for men, its usually large and they put plain colors and simple prints like checks and stripes. However, when they make umbrellas for women, they make it smaller in size and experiment with bright colors and patterns. The price however ranges from Rs.300 – Rs.600.

Take a glance at a product from their basket



2. John’s

This is one of the most impressive umbrella brands presently and they make products which are highly durable, weather resistance and light in weight. They make umbrellas for both men and women in good design and also make a variety of products in different sizes and colors. Their prices range a bit high and they start from around Rs. 500

Have a look into this link to see products from John’s


Worth It: John’s 5 Fold Atoms Minion Printed Umbrella

₹890 Amazon.in Apr 11


This is by far the best and the most popular umbrella brand in India. They make their products compromising nothing on quality and ensure the durability quotient of the product. They have folding umbrellas which can be easily carried and they make the umbrellas in different colors and patterns. The cost also is very pocket friendly as compared to the product they provide and the range starts from Rs. 500

Let us see how the umbrella looks like


Worth It: Popy 5 Fold Popy Nano Purple Umbrella

₹650 Amazon.in Apr 11

These are some of the best brands that are available for umbrellas. We hope that you choose the correct brand for yourself and enjoy your summers!

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