10 Secret Google Chrome Tips & Tricks ( 2017 updated)


Most of you guys will agree that Google chrome is one of the best mobile web browser for android, as it offers lots of features that no other browser has to offer, and now chrome is one of the most used browsers in the world for both computers and smartphones. But still many users don’t know its true potential and that’s why today I am going to show you 10 Useful tricks to help make your chrome experience even better.

Excited? So let’s get started.

10 Secret Google Chrome Tips & Tricks (Highly Recommended)

  • Move the address bar to the bottom

Now if you are one of those who owns a larger phone which is quite common now a days then you will know reaching the top of the screen in one-handed use can be difficult. But today I am going to show you a very useful trick using which you can move the address bar at the bottom of the screen.

Simply paste this URL (chrome://flags/#enable-chrome-home) into Chrome, now tap the highlighted select menu and press ‘Enabled’, now click on this to restart the browser and you are done. This will basically move the address bar to the bottom and in case you want to reverse this, simply set the flag to ‘Default’ and restart Chrome again.

  • Quickly Switch Between Tabs

Now there are times when you have opened multiple tabs on your chrome browser and switching between tabs usually requires tapping the tabs button and selecting the one you want and this is could be irritating some times. What if I tell you that there are 2 simple ways to quickly switch between Tabs? First, you can simply swipe across the address bar to switch between the tabs, or you can swipe down on the address bar to see the full list, and tap the one you want. These quick gestures are much more convenient than the old school way.

  • Use two Chrome tabs in split screen

One of the best features to arrive with Android Nougat is split-screen mode. But what you may have overlooked is that you can also split two Chrome tabs up as well.

So just like on your PC, you can look at two different websites at the same time for cross-referencing articles or some general multitasking.

To do that first open the chrome in multi window mode by long pressing on the Recants button. Once that is done click on these 3 dots and here you will find an option which says move to other window just click on that and boom. Now you have accessed 2 chrome tabs in split screen mode.

  • Save Website Page as PDF for Offline Reading

Now there are times when you are reading something on internet and suddenly you remember that you have to go somewhere. In that case you can simply save that website page as a PDF file for offline reading.

To do that click on these 3 dots and select share while your page is opened, now from here click on this print option then from the top select save as PDF and click on this PDF icon and you are done. You can later on access the PDF file using any PDF viewer.

  • Secret Dinosaur Game

I guess you are quite familiar with this page that pops up when you are not connected to internet. Now I am also pretty sure that many of you guys are not familiar that there is a hidden Dinosaur game inside the Google chrome.

Just Double Tap on the Dinosaur Icon in Google Chrome and you can play this secret game. This is one of the best way for spend time when your internet is not working in your Smartphones.

  • Enable Reader Mode

Look, I’m not gonna point any fingers, but reading on a mobile device isn’t always the most pleasant experience. By default, the option for reader mode only appears when Chrome thinks you’re reading an article, but you can make it appear more frequently or all the time.

There is a hidden tool in chrome for cleaning up the web and it’s called Reader Mode.

Simply paste this URL (chrome://flags/#reader-mode-heuristics) into Chrome, and press the highlighted box. Here you have to select always and then re-launch the Chrome. Now if you go back and open any page you will get this option at the bottom which says 鈥渕ake page mobile-friendly’just click on that and you have successful entered the Readers mode.

  • Browse Your Internal Memory Files

Now for those who don’t know there is a hidden trick in Google chrome through which you can browse your internal memory files yap that’s true. To do this open your chrome browser and type this URL (file:///sdcard/) in URL bar that’s it.

Now you can simply browse any of your file from the internal memory and you can also open any file directly from the browser. Ya I know this is not the best way to browse files but it’s good to know that it’s present.

  • Speed up page loading with Brotli

Google chrome is one of the fastest Browser available in play store but do you know you can make it even faster by enabling the Brotli function which improves the page loading speed as sites are unzipped faster.

To do this, you need to open your chrome browser and type this URL (chrome://flags/#enable-brotli) and press the yellow highlighted box. Here you have to enable this option once that is done re launch the chrome browser. Now when you will open a new page you can clearly see the difference that now the pages are loading slightly faster.

  • Add shortcut to a website on home screen

Now if you find yourself frequently visiting a website then adding it to your home screen will save you some time and a few taps. To do so, simply tap the three-point menu and select “Add to home screen” while you are on that page. Then just choose a label for the icon that will be added to your home screen it’s as simple as that.

  • Enable Do Not Track Feature

You’re tracked all over the Web, but sometimes asking politely will cause the behaviour to stop. Now there are advertisers and data miners that tracks you鈥檙e browsing habits and if you want to avoid this then there is a very simple trick to do that in chrome browser.

By default this feature in off, when you download Google Chrome. But you can simply enable it by going into setting menu then privacy, here you will find an option which says 鈥淒o not track’just open that and enable this option. Now you will not be tracked while you are browsing.

Now these are the top 10 useful tricks for chrome browser that you can try out on your smartphones right now.