10 Signs Indicating That Your Partner No Longer Loves You


People change minds, and that is one scary thought for many yet still there are those who risk it all in the name of love. We commend those who are in a very long relationship, having a long term commitment is something that most people are afraid to do. But those who will be reading this article are probably not experiencing a consistent type of commitment. Starting to doubt?

If you are starting to doubt his or her love for you, we highly recommend that you sough his or her attention first. Do not jump into any conclusion or makeup a scenario of your own.

10 Signs Indicating That Your Partner No Longer Loves You

1# Your partner no longer shows his/her love like he/she used to do
The/she first alarming sign is when your partner loses interest in you and everything he/she does is meant to impress someone else.

2# Your partner always has something else in mind
It’s that time where the both of you are out on a date, or at the park sitting at a bench, or simply at home and lying down on the couch, have you ever felt like you feel someone’s physical body but not his being? Like you actually aren’t with them at all? The feeling of just being tolerated since they have no choice but to be with you? If you start to feel like that, time to open up.

3# You have nothing to talk about
Being quiet at times is great. It means you two are comfortable with each other even at times that you have nothing to talk about. That indicates that the both of you are just happy and contented that you two are together. That’s it. But it shouldn’t always be like that. Does it seem like even though you have a topic to tell your partner, it would just seem useless since he or she might not even listen?

4# Your partner blames you for every failure
If your partner just constantly blames you for every little thing you do, that’s not good. It seems like your partner has very little tolerance to you now that they do not even consider if you would feel bad about yourself for doing it.

5# Your partner no longer supports you
If you notice that you easily annoy your partner no matter what you do or say.

6# Your partner always has an excuse for not being at home
Frequent business trips, spending long hours at the office, playing games and drinking with his/her friends and never taking you with him are all signs that he/she no longer loves you.

7# You are no longer in his/her plans
You’re partners right? That shouldn’t happen at all. A person in love would always see themselves doing what they love within the company of their significant other. It’s like things are just much brighter and things makes more sense when they are with you. Are you excluded now?

8# Your partner’s disrespectful to you
This is one obvious sign that there’s just not enough love anymore. Losing respect is just the beginning. They will start to have fights with you now, belittle you and make you feel worthless. Losing respect is the gateway onto a toxic relationship.

9# Your partner doesn’t give you any explanations
Besides from getting an overly fabricated explanation, being deprived from an explanation is also one. This tie, instead of making an effort to make something up to tell you, they no longer try. They just let you be angry and calm down. No explanations since they believe they do not owe you one.

10# You hate and you hurt yourself
You get hurt and hate yourself for it because of his/her lying, cheating, not talking to you, not telling you everything.

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