5 Natural Personal Care Products You Can Make At Home


With all the challenges that come with using artificial products,
most people have decided to go natural this means changing their old habits by
avoiding chemically processed products. People use quiet a number of products
in a single day and at times, they don’t even have the time to go through the
ingredients. What we do not know is that majority of products used are made of harmful
chemicals-isopropyl alcohol, parabens, and sodium laurite….the list is actually

One remedy to this excessive chemical usage involves simple DIY
things. A few simple ingredients are enough for you to get rid of all the harmful
products.  Here are some of the easy to
make natural personal care products.


Everyone uses toothpaste, maybe one or multiple times per day.  But the ingredients used to make this
frequently used product are quite controversial. As much as fluoride is known
to care for the teeth, it can lead to skin irritation and at times, acne
related conditions.  The good news is
that there are quite a number of natural hygiene products that can be used for teeth cleaning. This includes coconut
oil, baking soda and herbs.


Deodorants, which is a must have for everyone is also associated
with breast cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. One problem that the society faces
today is that body order can lead to stigma, which is a bit odd considering
that the body should be given time to sweat and eliminate the unwanted
products.  However, the odor can be embarrassing,
and you may want to keep the smell as distant as possible. All you need to do
is have a mixture of melted coconut oil, melted shear butter and baking soda. For
easier use, you can pour the mixture into an empty deodorant stick.

5 Natural Personal Care Products You Can Make At Home


Just a mere thought of having an itchy dry skin is scary on its
own. But have you ever looked at the ingredients used to make moisturizers?
Artificial color, thickening agents and a lot other toxic components.  However, having a homemade but safe moisturizer
is actually very simple. The safe ingredients include half cup of olive oil,
melted coconut oil, melted beeswax and coconut butter.


Commercial sunscreen has attracted too much controversy over the
years. But as much as we would want to protect the skin again the harmful UV
rays, using chemical products can worsen the situation. Zinc oxide and coconut
oil can be the best alternative to the chemical products.

5 Natural Personal Care Products You Can Make At Home


Heath gurus can confirm that your mouth cannot be that clean if a
little mouthwash is not used.  Commercial
Mouthwash is known to maintain fresh breath for longer hours.  But this comes with a cost. Artificial sweeteners,
synthetic color fluoride and alcohol are the commonly used mouthwash ingredients. The good news is that you can replace
the commercial products by combining natural liquid sweetener, baking soda,
mineral liquid, drop peppermint, lemon and distilled water.

With all the shortfalls that come with using chemically processed
products, you will be on a safer side if you happen to use organic personal care products instead. One advantage with natural personal care products is that
they are not only safe for health, but can also be easily found.

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