5 Painful Warning Signs that You Need to Replace Your Chair


When you return home after a day’s tiring work, the first thing that you come up with may be sitting on a quality lounge chair and have a rest. There is no doubt that nowadays people are inclined to be seated on a chair to be a couch potato. However there is research demonstrating that the more you are seated, the early you will possibly die.

5 Painful Warning Signs that You Need to Replace Your Chair

Like any piece of furniture, your chair will need to be replaced at some point. You might be sitting in your favorite chair right now! but you have to accept the fact that it is high time to make your chairs retired.

5 Painful Warning Signs that You Need to Replace Your Chair

Here are 5 important warning signs that you should check for before you make a decision.

#1 – You Beg for Back Pain Relief after sitting for Long Hours

The consensus we hold is that the so-called quality lounge chair should not do harm to us. Actually you will turn to back pain relief once your butts stay too long on chairs. Inactivity is dangerous. Some research shows inactivity now kills more people than smoking.

#2 – You Suffer from a Pain in your Knee

This kind of pain is particular annoying because it is known to come and go. It’s typically worse when you are sitting still for long periods of time.  The best remedy to this is to look into replacing your old chair with a chair that has better lumbar and thoracic support. This will be advantageous to your posture improvement and reduce the tension that you’re putting on your knees.

#3 – Are you Gaining Weight Sitting Down?

We ought to pay more attention to what we should do and what we shouldn’t do when you are astonished to see the huge rise on weight.

If we stand up instead of sitting still on chairs, the whole body will be activated. So what would you think would happen if you restricted these very vital bodily functions for hours at a time? To put it simply, it’s not good!

#4 – Feeling More Sluggish and/or More Depressed

We’ve all had those days where we feel like we’re not performing at our best levels. However, did you ever make the connection from your long periods of sitting with poor posture to how you’ve been feeling lately? Maybe we have wasted too much time on chairs that it is destroying our ability to perform well at work and home.

#5 – Do you commonly ask, “Why am I getting More Headaches?”

Everyone had experience that after a day’s still sit on chairs the neck aches a lot. We usually call it tension headaches since it is caused by daily tension on your longus colli muscle.

5 Painful Warning Signs that You Need to Replace Your Chair

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