7 Ways for using the OTG USB function with the Gretel A9


Gretel is a new Chinese brand. Another. Enter this competitive market with some catchy smartphones for its balance of robustness and elegance. It’s a young brand and this is noteworthy in the quality of the videos they produce (bottom of the page). Still, they can give us some useful tips to take advantage of the OTG ( on the go )USB functionality .

As we can see in the succinct video at the bottom of the page, the USB OTG ( on the go ) functionality can be used to access any type of data stored on an external disk or USB drive and proves to be very useful in day-to-day operations. Gretel tries to stand out with useful tips and smartphones at good price and good design. Will the future favor this Gretel? We’ll have to wait and see.

7 Ways for using the OTG USB function with the Gretel A9

The Gretel A9 can handle various peripherals such as a mouse, wireless keyboard, camera, controller for games, among others. We can see some of them in action in the video below and although the utility of some of them is quite questionable (see the flashlight), others can be very useful.

7 Ways for using the OTG USB function with the Gretel A9

Imagine that you break the touch screen of your smartphone and you need to access your files and settings. With the USB OTG feature you will be able to do this, in extremis it can be a good solution to save some documents, photos and files. Alternatively you can use your smartphone, be it Gretel or not, as if it were a Tablet. To do this, simply connect an external keyboard and mouse and voila.

The price from Gretel A9 is only $79.99, also including a transparent protective cover and a film for the screen. The smartphone features a 5-inch screen with HD resolution, MediaTek MT6737 processor, 2GB of RAM, dual-SIM and an 8MP main camera. It is available through Gearbest with shipments from China.

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