8 Quick Summer Makeup Lazy Hacks


Waking up early is always a hard
thing to do especially in the weekends. After a long night in the office or
after a night out at the club an extra thirty minutes of sleep can be a
blessing. It is also more tiring when it is the summer and you are on vacation.
Let’s look at some summer makeup lazy
to save you time.

Mascara Hack number one

When you
have painstakingly applied your mascara and you accidentally leave an
annoyingly clear black mark on your eyelid with your brush it is always a good
idea to stop what you are doing and do not instinctively wipe the mark off.
Instead, wait for it to dry and just use a Q tip to wipe it off.

Mascara Hack number two

Having a
hard time using your mascara because it got clumpy? Just simply soak it in hot
water to liquefy it again. After the Mascara is fluid just simply apply and go. A great beauty hack !

8 Quick Summer Makeup Lazy Hacks

Face oil removal hack

In the rare
instance that you somehow ran out of face oil remover paper then this life hack
is a savior. You can use the paper toilet seat cover as an effective
substitute. The seat covers is excellent in absorbing oil. Just use it in

Instant eyelash curls

This makeup
hack is for those who are in an extreme hurry or running late. Heat your
eyelash curler with your hair dryer before using it. This will make your lashes
curl faster and easier and lasts longer through the night.

Quick Nail Manicure Hack

For those
who are in a desperate hurry to dry your nails then this is the quick hack
solution for you; after applying the manicure simply soak tour nails with cold
ice water to make the polish dry faster.

8 Quick Summer Makeup Lazy Hacks

Nail Polish remover

Tired of accidentally getting
nail polish on your fingers while hurriedly applying manicure? Then no need to
worry with this quick hack using a common household item. Just simply apply
glue to your fingers, when they dry they will act as a protective layer for
your beautiful fingers and you can polish right away. After polishing, just
peel the glue off and you are good to go.

Nose Blackhead remover

Ran out of
blackhead remover and have no time to buy a new set? This real life makeup hack will surely help you right away. By using an Elmers g’lue gently apply on your
nose and wait to dry. Simply peel it off to remove the blackheads.

Makeup brush clean up hack

Do not want
to leave a mess after applying your makeup? This quick life hack is for you.
Save a lot on making your own brush cleaning tray and make your own. Just get a
glue gun and a tray and you are all set. Just put a layer of glue on a pattern on
the tray and let dry. You have a brush cleaner by using the pattern to clean
the brush.

You do not always need to be in a
rush when applying makeup early in the morning so get those extra minutes of
sleep when you use these real life Summer
Makeup Lazy hacks.
Save time and be ready to go and have more time to enjoy
the summer.

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