9 Different Types Of Chic Women Jeans


Jeans are must-have garments in the wardrobe of every woman
and one common thing according to several brands is that you don’t have to wash
it often. So, one pair of jeans is all that you need to style several outfits
of yours. Shopping for chic women jeans can be really tough as we have plenty of options
to choose from and it is difficult to pick one that suits your body type. So, let’s
see which style of jeans for women goes with different kind of body types to find your pair of perfect fit.

Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans are for you if you have skinny legs and they
flaunt your body type in a perfect way. They come in low, mid, as well as
high-rise waist cuts. Women having an hourglass figure or those who have slim
legs can flaunt it perfectly. Avoid if you have round or a pear shape body

Skinny crop jeans

Skinny crop jeans are similar to skinny jeans but end at your
shins. Suitable for Women having an hourglass figure or those who have skinny
legs. Avoid if you have pear or a round shaped body type.

9 Different Types Of Chic Women Jeans

Straight leg jeans

Straight leg jeans are the best chic women jeans and can make your legs look longer. They are simply
suitable for all kind of body types.


Jeggings are the leggings made out of the denim fabric and
are extremely comfortable, chic, and stylish. Suitable for all the body types
and is a perfect choice for pregnant women.


Initially considered as mommy jeans but are the current
favorites for women of any age. They come up with a great fitting till the
knees and they flare out past your calf muscles. One of the best jeans for women for any body type and a
perfect choice for a curvy figure.

Flared Jeans

Initially tagged as the nineties fashion statement, they are
now ruling the fashion industry. They flare up below the knees, unlike the boot
cut jeans. They look best on tall and curvy women, those who have pear-shaped
and round body types. Avoid them if you are short and have a curvy body type.

Low Rise Jeans

Low rise jeans are the current favorite and are trending
everywhere. They look great on women who have a slim waist as they start right
below the belly button. This style works well with skinny, super skinny, and
straight cut design patterns. They look best on women who have an inverted or
hourglass figure or those who are petite. If you have a curvy shape in the midriff
area and have muffin tops, try and stay away from wearing this style.

9 Different Types Of Chic Women Jeans

Boyfriend jeans

They look like as if you have borrowed them from your
boyfriend. They give you a great fit at the hip and waist area. Looks perfect
on women who have curvy, apple, or pear-shaped figure. It is better not to wear
them if you are short or petite, as they make you look even shorter.

Cigarette Jeans

They are similar to skinny jeans but are not full length and
stop right above the shins. They are the best jeans for women who have slim legs, or those who are petite and
have an hourglass figure. However, if you have a round figure or big thighs
this style is not for you.

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