9 Reasons why men should not be afraid to use makeup


Make up has a long and contentious history. Equally empowering and jarringly sexist, we will not bore you with its evolution. Instead, here’s nine reasons why you should give it a go!

1.Try and see what the women in your life have to go through.

Most women you are surrounded by must use some make up product or the other. We’ve become so attuned to seeing women’s faces with make up, that we often forget what they look like naturally. Some go as far as getting permanent make up! If you think you’re equal to the women in your life, spend one day in their shoes and see ow much time and money they spend on this. Give equality a whirl!

2.Your lips should look kissable too.

Most men would hate to kiss dull and unappetizing lips. Try some lip oil or lip balm and see how quickly people stare at your lips! You can buy some basic Himalaya lip balm here for Rs 40 ($0.70)

3. Sometimes, a little make up is all the boost you need to take on the world.

Ask any woman in your life and she will tell you that a red lipstick is her favourite weapon when feeling insecure. Although we’re not pushing you to try a bright lipstick on your first try, it always helps to have little confidence boosting tools for the days you feel down. Try a muted MAC unisex lipstick here .

9 Reasons why men should not be afraid to use makeup

Test your masculinity.

Are you afraid that you’re one of those guys who wear their mardaangi on their sleeve? Try a little make up and test your masculinity! You will still be the same man, albeit more aware of your physicality.

9 Reasons why men should not be afraid to use makeup

4.Show your SO that you care.

Your partner probably spends a considerable amount of time to look good for you when you go out. Return the favour and make an effort for her big day. Groom your eyebrows, clean your skin and hang on to her like a trophy when she needs it!

5.Go all out and impress that woman you’ve been vying.

The woman you’ve had a crush on is finally single…and has agreed to go on a date with you! This is your golden chance, before the other vultures circle in. Go all out on your first date and try something simple like a BB cream to even out your skin. Grab an Armani BB cream here for a cool Rs 3900 (HKD 769).

9 Reasons why men should not be afraid to use makeup

6.Express yourself.

Gone are the days when make up was staid and boring! Nowadays, make up and beauty is all about expression and art. There’s the girl with the beard , and Huda Beauty shaves her face. Get out of your comfort zone and express yourself without conforming to antiquated notions of gender!

7.It’s a chance to get creative.

So make up artists use their faces and bodies as their canvasses. Why should girls have all the fun? Buy some face paint and eyeshadow and transform yourself into whoever you want to be! If that’s too much of a jump, try something simple like nail art. It’s a fun and creative outlet to relax after a tough day at work.  Buy a basic nail art kit here for Rs 349 ($5.5)

Self care is rebellion. The act of self care is a revolution unto itself. Pamper yourself with more than just what you wear and eat. Take some time off and treat your skin, your largest organ. Show it that you care. After all, its going to stick with you your entire life.

9 Reasons why men should not be afraid to use makeup

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