AAXA M6 Full HD Micro LED Projector Review


AAXA M6 Full HD Micro LED Projector: an Overview

The AAXA M6 is the best DLP projector with a single chip. It has the innovation of LED which gives the perfect coloring while watching the result. It comes with three LED coloring lights the blue, green, red to offers the shading quality. This micro LED projector is another best device which comes with lots of excellent features.

AAXA M6 Full HD Micro LED Projector Review

M6 is the best determination of 1080 HD with the best lumens of 1200. It has the long last battery which runs up 500. It provides the best quality result. It also provides the WXGA widescreen result.

AAXA M6 Full HD Micro LED Projector Review

There are the many applications which you can utilize in M6 the home, and for the watching purpose, you have the motion pictures and the sports functions. It has the easy and ongoing gaming performance. The projector also can be used in the classroom and the gathering room for the business purpose and the teaching purpose. It has the convenient features with the best result. It provides the better options.

Design and Display

The design of this projector is the smallest which you can carry in the pocket. It comes with the 2.5 pounds and the half feet long. It accompanies with the covering case with handles so; you can carry anywhere anytime. The display of this projector gives the best and perfect quality result. The more you find the best result you will get this. It has the best coloring output. The full HD output with versatile colors, it has the more features of the display. You can connect your smartphone to control and runs the videos, music, and other applications. The design comes with the best manufacture which has qualified for the long last.

AAXA M6 Full HD Micro LED Projector Review

This is the sample result of the display which gives by the projector. It has the best color and best saturation. If you look at the output videos, you can see the best HD result. There is the LED which offers the convenient features. There is the widescreen output display of this projector.the perfect combination of the display and design

AAXA M6 Full HD Micro LED Projector Review

The specification is awesome if you are finding the best features with best specifications. You can find your perfect match with the specification listed below:


  • the technology used of LED
  • Determination of 1080p
  • Splendor: (Manufacturer Claim) 1200
  • It has the fixed zoom ratio
  • the life of its light is 30,000 hours
  • The lightweight of 2.5 pounds
  • it claims the warranty of 1 Year


AAXA M6 is used for the both either is personal or business purpose. It is the decent and the best projector for the youthful. Its gives the superior quality of output with the best measurement. The projector can be connected with home theater for the best result. There are more features in this projector; you can connect your PC and the Android devices, it comes with HDMI port which gives the perfect output and excellent coloring feature. You can run up the video’s music from your computer even from an android phone.


There is the remote controller to control your projector easily. it comes with the key of

  1. Power Button
  2. Play Button
  3. Forward
  4. Backward
  5. Mute
  6. Up
  7. Down
  8. Left
  9. Right
  10. OK
  11. Volume Up
  12. Volume Down
  13. Home
  14. Back

The other options allow you to buy the best projector; it comes with your financial plan. It will be helpful for the training purpose and the business purpose. It has the brilliant output and best deal for the room and other conditions. it is the best projector for the gathering and the preparing the best presentations. It gives the best and convinces the needs of consumers. It gives the good and better result at the least high price. It costs you less to buy and avail those amazing features.

It gives the versatile colors, and if you compare with another projector, it conveys you for the reasonable price. Its best for the streaming Netflix and the gaming. The AAXA M6 is for the expert gamers. It will fulfill the consumer demands and provide you fabulous time with its perfect result. If you are an expert gamer then this is the best device for also gaming, it gives the better performance in the game too. So why are you waiting for when your dreams come true. Grab this beautiful device and avail the best offer features with design.

AAXA M6 Full HD Micro LED Projector Review

The AAXA M6 is perfect for the classroom it helps you to give the best presentation, and even it allows you to record your lecture or any other program. This is the best projector for the best purpose. There is the more projector available on the market, but AAXA M6 will make you buy with its features and less weight. It also helps to use in gathering or the even classroom. It helps in providing the best presentation and assignments. The projector is none other than best quality product. It comes with less weight which helps you to carry it easily. It setup and simple to connect with easiest accessible of connection it provides the excellent output.


There are more highlights which you need to know for your convenience. These key features will help you to buy this in a very best manner:

  • Brilliant brightness, it has the 1,200 Lumens
  • the long last lamp which provides by 30,000 hours
  • easily accessible PC, and other numerous
  • it comes with a basic and easy setup
  • Stereo Speakers
  • it has the Battery timing of 90 minutes
  • Lightweight 2.5 pounds




Stereo Speaker

Simple to Setup

Decent Display

Long-lasting lamp life




Speakers on full volume may not sound good

High-quality display may not feel like the ‘real’ high quality.


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Conclusion: AAXA M6 Full HD Micro LED Projector

If you are looking to buy some good projector with lot’s of features and the best design then is the best AAXA M6 Projector which gives the smooth and best performance. it comes with the lightweight so you don’t need to worry about its weight. you can carry it easily. the Full HD result with excellent color output can grab anyone attention. it comes with different ports like HDMI, there is numerous of features in this projector. the display of this projector is excellent. AAXA M6 Full HD Micro LED Projector is easily available at Amazon with an extraordinary price.

AAXA M6 Full HD Micro LED Projector Review
8.6Overall Score
Ease of Use9.2
Cost Effectiveness9.1

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