Alfawise A12 Plus Review: The Strangest projector Use You Ever Heard


This post is dedicated to the experience of using a smart projector by my friend in different weird manners. Few days before only he shared me all of his experience with using an Alfawise A12 plus Projector.

After knowing such, I found it is necessary to share the same with others! My friend’s name is Jim. He is a travel freak! Jim used to travel everywhere to explore new places, meet new people, taste new foods, and definitely to enjoy the life with full of pleasure.

He always carries some stuff with him whenever he is traveling from one place to another. It includes a cold water bottle, first aid kit, 2-3 sets of regular jeans with matching t-shirts, and a projector!

Yes, a projector!

You might think its bit odd to keep a project even I feel the same when I first listened to it from his mouth! He said while traveling it helps him a lot especially whenever he is feeling bored or want to have some fun and entertainment in a hotel room.

Alfawise A12 Plus Review: The Strangest projector Use You Ever Heard

After knowing the same, I was very keen on why he has chosen A12 Plus projector like a travel companion. He told me everything! He also discussed with me how he uses this projector for different other purposes. And not just projecting a display for entertainment and fun!

I was got surprised at how one can use a projector for such different purposes. Well, in this post I will uncover all such things. But before revealing this mystery let me first tell you why my friend had purchased the Alfawise A12 Plus projector.

A few months before,

Alfawise A12 Plus was not on my friend’s list of essential travel ‘must to have’. But one day while traveling he got bored! Generally, He uses to move in his car and especially for longer roots sometimes it makes him feel tired!

Mostly he halts on small hotels for a night. At that time he needs a small dose of entertainment and fun. He can’t listen only to the music every time and also he hates watching videos or movies in the short infotainment system available in his car.

So one day he thought about having a portable option of a big screen always with him while traveling! He can’t carry a portable TV all the time, and it is the bit annoying for him to run it on a hotel room that is already having a TV.

Alfawise A12 Plus Review: The Strangest projector Use You Ever Heard

Imagine a room service man comes into his room and see he is watching something on his TV other than using the Hotel’s property! What do you think that service main can think about my friend?

What are the Requirements of my Friend?

He searched further and finally planned to buy a Projector. His priority is to buy a smart projector that;

  1. Should be portable to carry.
  2. It must be based on LED to be energy efficient.
  3. Have an excellent luminous efficiency to project a good quality display.
  4. The projector should at least support Full HD display.
  5. It must have built-in speakers with fantastic sound effect.
  6. The projector should be compatible to produce the 3D effect.
  7. It must be durable for rough use.
  8. Must have a scratch-resistant glass.
  9. It must be compatible with all different sources of multimedia input.
  10. Must be available in the markets of different countries for anytime upkeep and repairs.

Alfawise A12 Plus Review: The Strangest projector Use You Ever Heard

He talked with many professionals and experts and finally decided to buy a black colored Alfawise A12 Plus Smart Projector!

Now before revealing my friend’s experience of using Alfawise A2 projector, his strange uses or his final review let us get familiar with the product itself. It can help us to relate to my friend’s opinion about the A12 project well!

Alfawise A12 Plus has following Features;

  • With a projection distance of 1-4M, the projector is supporting a display size from 34 inches to 130 inches.
  • Projector lights have been emitted using LEDs by giving a luminous efficiency of about 1800 lumens.
  • It supports a contrast ratio of 2000:1 with Full HD display compatibility.
  • The projection lamps are very efficient and had about 20000 hours long service life.
  • You will enjoy red and blue 3D effect.
  • It has built-in HiFi speakers.
  • For better and quick signal receiving it is equipped with two infrared receivers.
  • It has Image correction functionality. You can adjust the screen +/- 15 degrees without worrying about declined picture while changing your actual viewing posture
  • The projector has a scratch less lens, thanks to U45 protective circle for the lens.
  • The project is based on Android Operating system. You can use Android 6.0 on it.

Alfawise A12 Plus Review: The Strangest projector Use You Ever Heard

Specifications of Alfawise A12 Plus Projector;

  • Display type: LCD
  • Display Brightness: 2000LM
  • Contrast Ratio: 2000:1
  • Image Scale: 16:9
  • Throe Ration: 1.2:1
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9/4:3
  • Interface: AV, HMI, Micro SD Card Slot, USB, 3.5mm Audio Jack, DC, IR, TV, and VGA.
  • Lamp: LED
  • WiFi: 802.11 b/g/n/ac
  • Image Formats: JPG/PNG/BMP/GIF
  • Audio Formats: MP3/WMA/FLAC/AAC/RM.OGG
  • Speakers: In-built
  • Noise(dB): 22 – 28dB
  • Gaming Compatibility: Xbox, PS4
  • Power Supply: 110-240V
  • Bluetooth: 4.0
  • Lamp Power: 24W
  • Product Weight: 1.1 kg
  • Product Size (L x W x H): 8.27 x 6.5 x 3.31 inches /21.00 x 16.50 x 8.40 cm
  • Box Weight: 1.6 kg
  • Package Size (L x W x H): 9.45 x 7.87 x 5.12 inches/ 24.00 x 20.00 x 13.00 cm
  • Box Contents: Projector, HDMI cable, English Manual, Remote Control, and Audio Cable.

Alfawise A12 Plus Review: The Strangest projector Use You Ever Heard

It is available to buy worldwide in different countries of Africa, Asia, North/South America, Europe, Oceania, Middle, and Near East. Best to buy for travelers or people those who are regularly relocating from one country to another so that they can get its service everywhere.

I hope all the above information is sufficient for you to get the necessary details about a projector in case you are interested in it. So my friend got impressed with its features and finally buy it on the day he saw the demo output from the Alfawise A12 Plus projector.

Strange uses of A12 Projector by My Friend;

Now it’s time for me to reveal the mystery of how he used the projector for different odd uses that we can ever imagine about;

Music Laser Show:
Do you ever hear about using a projector for laser show? My friend has done it. He downloaded Music Beam, which is a laser show app. You need to connect your projector to the computer, and that’s it.

You can take the help of the app to change the laser show as per what music is playing! He used it at his birthday party to amaze his friends, and it is a cool experiment! I need to check where he has taken such idea!

Alfawise A12 Plus Review: The Strangest projector Use You Ever Heard

Nonstop Video Looping:
This is another trick that can be done using apps. He used it as well at his last birthday party, where he used a video looping app and loaded many funny videos based on birthday. So, the projector starts projecting the videos one by one as a continuous loop. It is a good option for children’s parties.

Home Planetarium:
I have seen this happening in his bedroom last Sunday. He created an artificial planetarium in his house using the projector. Yes, you can also do it! You only need to download a right app or software. Such type of apps is available to download free of costs.

He used Stellarium, an app. It helps to project a telescoping like a view on a big screen of your home. You can explore different constellations, zoom in on planets and stars while enjoying the comfort of your couch.

He also informed me about Celestia, which is like a simulator of flying in the galaxy. With the help of it, you can feel like you are traveling in space. After all, he is having a 3D projector so what I experience is that I can explore the planets and stars in three dimensions. Like everything is there in front of me!

Alfawise A12 Plus Review: The Strangest projector Use You Ever Heard

Wall Murals:
It is a much more creative work on its own! My friend used to project a big sketch of Pikachu on the wall. He traced the large size image and produced a beautiful looking mural on walls with it.

Scary Windows:
My friend Jim played a big prank with our friend Lucy. One day she was on the way to meet the Jim. She informed him that she would be going to meet him in the next half an hour.

Within that time, my friend had used some ghost animations to project them on his front window located just beside the main door. He covered the window using a while screen. He then connected the DVD player on his projector, and he is all set to produce some scary images on the target window of his house.

After sometime when Lucy had reached near to the door of his house. He played some creepy thing on the screen installed at the window. I can imagine how scary it would be for a girl by watching such visual at dark evening hours! Luckily, my friend Jim losses one of his friend after that incident! She is alive but doesn’t want to meet Jim anymore! It is a funny trick, isn’t it?

Alfawise A12 Plus Review: The Strangest projector Use You Ever Heard

Cook Food:
Did you ever imagine to cook a simple food like boiling eggs on a projector? It sounds fake, but it is possible. Yes, my friend has recently demonstrated me to cook the eggs through the heat dissipating from the projector!

The activity is itself unique for me! However, I don’t want to try it myself, neither do I recommend this to anyone since you will not go to get any benefit from the same. It is only good for showing the tricks to others and amaze them if they are saying why you bought the projector if you already have a TV!

So after knowing all the above tricks, those were, unfortunately, true you might also be interested in trying them on your projector! But be cautious and do it while following proper guidance. After all not to forget the primary purpose of using a projector is to project a large display on the walls or big screen that you cannot experience on TVs.

For those who are not having any projector in their homes, they may be excited to buy a new one. So for those, at last, I want to share the exclusive review of my friend Jim. You already know how and in what different ways he used his Alfawise A12 Plus projector.

Therefore, I am hoping his experience with the projector will matter most if you are interested in buying the same.

Alfawise A12 Plus Review: The Strangest projector Use You Ever Heard

My Friends Review,

After months of experience, my friend today is happy with the performance of the product. He shared with me the performance of A12 project under different situations that are as follows:

a) While at home you can use the A12 Plus to project some fantastic big screen displays at your house. It is a well build projector with the convenience of connecting nearly everything. Mainly that we are generally having with us like USB drives, headphone, smartphones, etc.

b) While traveling, since the projector is compact so it can be placed easily at any corner of the car. It is the best option to have for ultimate entertainment especially if you lodged in a hotel that is not having the facility of a big display TV or so. No need to connect separate speakers, the sound is pretty enough for a medium-sized room.

That’s all I want to share in this post and want people to know about the activity of my friend while using Alfawise A12 plus projector. I too recommend it to others especially if they are also having the type of freak minds like that of my friend.

Alfawise A12 Plus Review: The Strangest projector Use You Ever Heard
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Lens Life71%
Cost Effectiveness70%
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