Anker Gun Rose Mobile Power Review: Red-dot and IF Design Award Winner


My advice on buying accessories Part VI: Today let us talk about Anker’s new mobile power, gun rose.

The name of it is really cool, and it is also a product which focuses on appearance and fast-charge performances.


although the design of this product changes a lot, but the packaging is still the same as before.

Anker Gun Rose Mobile Power Review: Red-dot and IF Design Award Winner


Anker Gun Rose Mobile Power Review: Red-dot and IF Design Award Winner

the front uses black plastic as material

Anker Gun Rose Mobile Power Review: Red-dot and IF Design Award Winner

the design in the back is its bright spot. With a whole area of red silicone, it is very pretty

Anker Gun Rose Mobile Power Review: Red-dot and IF Design Award Winner

the test of its maximum output capacity

Capacity 10000mAh

Output: 5V ~ 6V / 3A, 6 ~ 9V / 2A, 9 ~ 12V / 1.5A

Input: 5V / 2A, 9V / 2A

Then comes to the charging protocol test

the charging protocols supported by Guns Rose are as follows

Apple 5V / 2A, 2.4A mode

Samsung 5V / 2A mode

Basic BC1.2 mode

QC3.0 / QC2.0 mode

It is expected that Huawei FCP, SCP and DASH all not be supported

Since these are all proprietary protocols, there is no perfect power shown in the industry (except those for DIY)

VOOC and DASH is currently no mobile power available

Here let us to measure the maximum output single port

5V: The maximum output 5V / 3.1A, in line with the calibration

9V: The maximum output 9.07V / 2.1A, in line with the calibration

tricked to 9V output

Anker Gun Rose Mobile Power Review: Red-dot and IF Design Award Winner

Successfully identify of QC3.0

Anker Gun Rose Mobile Power Review: Red-dot and IF Design Award Winner

12V :The maximum output is 12.22V / 1.5A, in line with the calibration

Testing on IPhone device. The equipment for test is the iPhone7. Firstly, plug the charger in. current power data is: 5.25V / 1.61A Then plug the gun rose power in, successfully identify the apple mode. the data is 5.1V / 1.61A, little different from the charger, in line with expectations. give a curve of iPhone7 while it is fully charged, the total time is 2 hours and 5 minutes. Because the version of iOS10.3 subsequently limits the charging power, we cannot see the data of 10W. So the charging time is extended, I guess it is out of controlling fever

the test of Charging time and heat-emitting

Guns Rose’s input specification is 5V / 2A, 9V / 2A

Because of its capacity of 10000mAh, so we use QC2.0 or QC3.0 charger as much as possible every day to charge the power.

It is measured that 9V / 2A one will be faster than 5V / 2A about 2 hours

plug into QC3.0 charger

Anker Gun Rose Mobile Power Review: Red-dot and IF Design Award Winner

Because the power is still half the power, so it is not in its full speed. When it is 8.88V / 1.83A, charge back when it is empty, the 9V / 2A is fully achievable. I made a fully-charged curve, it took 3 hours and 53 minutes to be fully charged. Generally, the 10000mAh capacity is good. The whole process is very stable; during the first two hours it was stable at 9V / 2A or so, and gradually decline it was tiny in the end.

Look at the temperature performance

Anker Gun Rose Mobile Power Review: Red-dot and IF Design Award Winner

The front heat-emitting concentrate on IC, the hottest point is 39.1 ℃. the temperature in other positions is basically below 32 ℃. heat in the back is also in the same position, the maximum temperature is 39.9 ℃. the rest is below 32 ℃. The overall performance of the heat-emitting is good; of course, it is benefit from its plastic material, which has a better heat dissipation.

Although adding step-by-step, intelligent control up to QC3.0 to solve the overheating problem. However, the heat problem of the mobile power of the metal casing is still remaining troublesome.

my Review

Overall, in the current mobile power market, the competitiveness of the fast charge technology becomes smooth gradually, and the overall design also becomes increasingly similar.

The whole area of Guns Rose in its back with silica shell and dazzling colors make it a market segment product.

After meeting the basic charging requirement, it focuses more on its appearance.

The silicone design in the back, which differs from the previous one made of plastic and metal, is better.

Usually when used with a cell phone, the non-slip effect of the silicone material is better than which of plastic and metal

I’ve already said before, it is very convenient to go out with a 15cm data line.

Finally, look at the weight

Anker Gun Rose Mobile Power Review: Red-dot and IF Design Award Winner

208g. The same 10000mAh all-metal shell power supply, which weighs 244g. Although take use of a thick silicone shell, the overall plastic shell is still much lighter than the metal. Some friends have asked me before; the mobile power with plastic shell and the one with metal shell, which one is better? Metal material, which has been widely used in the past two years, results in a trend to use all metal for the mobile power. Plastic light, which has a good heat dissipation, easy to be broken and get a scratch; while the metal one was good in touching, hard to get scratches but with bad heat dissipation. The two kinds above both have its strengths and weaknesses. So just choose the one you need

As usual, let me summarize the advantages and disadvantages


The workmanship and appearance are good, and the design also won the red dot and IF Design Award;

Two-way QC3.0, single-mouth 3A, supports the all iPhone with different system, New MacBook and forthcoming iPhone8.

The heat dissipation is good.


Single-port output slightly constrained, I hope that the future supply chain of IC can be gradually enriched;

If you use it in a the dusty environment, the silicone material will have a little sticky ash, you need to wipe it often;

Feel a little stiffer with the feedback of button

Purchase advice

Guns roses fit QC3.0 and QC2.0 users, such as MI 5, 5s, 6 and so on

Of course it also applies to the 1A, 2A users, such as hammers T1, T2, nuts and so on

Charging protocol of the iPhone remains to be proved. Its single-port’s maximum output is 3A, and it can be used for Type devices and Apple’s New MacBook. It is likely to support iPhone8’s 3A in the future

Although the current iPhone do not have the fast-charging, but we still should choose a fast-charging mobile power. The callback speed of the fast-charging version is faster than the average 5V / 2A.

Measured 10000mAh power supply, the 9V / 2A one is faster nearly two hours than the 5V / 2A one when they are both fully charged

Its design and performance are good, there is an additional digital storage package will be sent.

in the end

Having written about the accessories for so long, I also saw some friends bought the same detector, ammeter, etc. recently

I am very happy to have so many people to pay attention to my accessories;

There are no little things as charging, and I will always be with you. If you have any questions, welcome for messages, I will reply very soon.

Recently I am doing a car charger test, there are about 10-20 models, which covers all the mainstream in the market.

Testing will be a little difficult; the expected time to release is October.

OK, that’s all.


Author: shansheng’s shansheng


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