Apple Airpods Review: Best Bluetooth Headset in India


Apple earpods price in India is much higher than most of the local brands. Is it worth buying for Indian users? Let’s find out. Apple cut the cords on earpods and made them into AirPods. Setting up the new future trends of wireless audio. You Just need to take them out and they’re ready to use with all your devices. Put them in your ears and they connect instantly. The Airpods resolve the haptic about your tangled wired earphones. They gave you a new trend, new future earphones called Airpods introduced by Apple.

Apple Airpods Review: Best Bluetooth Headset in India


  1. Bluetooth

  2. Wireless

  3. AirPods weight: 0.14 ounces (4 g)

  4. Charging Case weight: 1.34 ounces (38 g)

  5. AirPods with Charging Case: More than 24 hours  listening time, up to 11 hours talk time

  6. AirPods (single charge): Up to 5 hours listening time, Up to 2 hours talk time

  7. 15 minutes in the case equals 3 hours listening time or over an hour of talk time

  8. Dual beam-forming microphones

  9. Dual optical sensors

  10. Motion-detecting accelerometer

  11. Speech-detecting accelerometer

Apple Airpods Review: Best Bluetooth Headset in India

AirPods Audio Quality is just awesome with a balance in the equalizer.AirPods sound as good as the EarPods Apple’s been bundling with iPhones for years. That might sound like damning with faint praise, but it’s way better than many Bluetooth headphones and earphones. It enthusiast you with it’s audio quality and give you a boost for loving this masterpiece in era driven by Apple. After a simple one-tap setup, AirPods are automatically on and always connected. Using them is just as easy. They can sense when they’re in your ears and pause when they are out of ears. Talking to your favourite personal assistant is on a tap, Just double tap either AirPod to activate Siri, without taking your iPhone out of your pocket. Siri is the primary way you interface with the AirPods there aren’t any minuscule play/pause, volume, or track controls on these airpods. Instead, you ask Siri to pause your music, raise the volume, or switch to the next track.

AirPods are driven by the custom-designed Apple W1 chip. It produces extremely efficient wireless for a better connection and improved sound. And the W1 chip manages battery life so well, you can listen for five hours on a single charge.

A voice accelerometer recognises when you’re speaking and works with a pair of beamforming microphones to filter out external noise and focus on the sound of your voice. Optical sensors and motion accelerometers work with the W1 chip to automatically control the audio and engage the microphone, giving you the ability to use one or both AirPods. They also enable AirPods to play sound as soon as they’re in your ears.

Battery backup is so well driven…

-Up to 5 hours of battery life on one charge

-15 min of charging gives 3 hours of battery life

It’s great-sounding in music, movies and more to your ears. AirPods provide rich, high-quality AAC audio.

Apple Airpods Review: Best Bluetooth Headset in India

The AirPods case itself Is just awesome and flawless in its functionality. The case does double duty: It works as storage for the AirPods, so you’re less likely to lose them, and also provides an extra day’s worth of charge with giving of 5 hrs of battery time. The airpod case’s had magnetic lid which keeps it secure when it’s in your bag or pocket. And the AirPods lock in place magnetically when placing them inside.

One great thing about Apple’s wireless earbuds is that you can use them individually. If you need to quickly answer a call, you only need to grab one AirPod.The AirPods are unfortunately not waterproof, so swimmers are going to have to wait for the next gadget. But if you’re planning to work out in them, no problem: The AirPods are sweat-proof.

# AirPods for people who want #

  1. EarPods-style look and fit

  2. Noise-canceling mics

  3. Powerful voice control

  4. Long battery life

  5. Cutting-edge wireless technology

If, you want cutting-edge wireless technology fit into one of the smallest, lightest headphones on the market, with a clever charging pack and really great noise-canceling mics, then AirPods are absolutely for you.

# Not for people who want #

  1. On- or over-ear headphones

  2. Noise-canceling speakers

  3. Physical controls

  4. Wired option for when batteries die

  5. Low, low pricing

If you want instant access to a wide array of physical controls, or noise-canceling headphones for study or long flights, AirPods aren’t for you. If Apple’s old EarPod design didn’t look good or feel good to you, then AirPods are more of the same. Almost.

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