Apple AirPods review-Get Ready For iPhone X


At first I’m not interested at all. However I changed my mind after experiencing these headphones of my colleague. I recommend them to my wife, but at that time there was no strong urge to buy. Two days ago I reserved IPhone X, and my wife said: “Now that you have reserved the phone, why not buy the wireless headphones? The early you buy, the early you can enjoy it.”

My wife is always decisive to purchase. I really agree with the word she says that the earlier you buy, the earlier you enjoy it.

Where to buy Apple AirPods : Official Apple Store at Amazon

or Flipkart: Apple AirPods Wireless Headset with Mic


Apple AirPods review-Get Ready For iPhone X

The packing box is a white cubic paper box with picture of product in the front.

Some basic information is printed on the back and the side of box.

Open the box, and you find the product specification is upper.

Remove the plastic wrapping paper, and there is no strange smell that iMac and iphone usually have.

This is the USB cable, there are some scratch marks of plastic.


Apple AirPods review-Get Ready For iPhone X

The small box that charge headphones is called AirPod Case. There is high metal light strip on the rotate axle of the lid, and below is a tiny button used to match iPhone.

The lid of AirPod Case is designed exactly, and you can open and close it by just one hand, which feels like lighter.

Apple AirPods review-Get Ready For iPhone X

The bottom of AirPod Case is lighting to USB cable

The whole AirPod Case compares with iPhone SE to show you size. It looks like a small handmade soap.

Open AirPod Case, and the head of AirPods can be seen.

Apple AirPods review-Get Ready For iPhone X

Inside the lid of AirPod Case is some information: Input 5.2V 2.4A, Output 5V 1A

The white surface tends to gather dust, so it needs to be cleaned termly.

There is link step at first use: open the lid and it will pair nearby equipment automatically, then you are required to press the button to connect. The whole process is brief without redundant design.

The appearance is basically same as ear pods, but also has some different details such as light sensor, elimination of wires, which looks like music notes.

Of course, AirPods is more than that. It has dual beamforming microphone, dual optical sensor, motion acceleration sensor, speech acceleration sensor.

Using experience

Open the lid, and it will connect automatically after the first use. It has a response so swift that can connect right after opening the lid. You can check the electric quantity of every device from the component center of iPhone. The function of AirPods can be set in Bluetooth. It can also be set in iMac.

Apple AirPods review-Get Ready For iPhone X

Officially, the AirPods can last 5 hours on a charge. Because of extra charges the AirPod Case provide, AirPods can be used more than 24 hours. Just put it into AirPod Case for 15 minutes, and it can last 3 hours. After testing, here are some general scenarios: 8 hours during the work, 1 hour during taking transportation, and little time before sleeping. AirPods can last 2 days in these scenarios.

Wearig experience

The headphones of Apple always accord with ergonomic design. It is said that AirPods is designed in terms of hundreds of ears. So my wife and I both feel satisfied with it. According to official date, every headphone weights 4 g. The best advantage of AirPods is that you feel nothing when wearing it.

It is said that Airpods easy to lose. And it has been one of the important reasons for people to refuse to buy it. In order to verify this argument I carried out many tests like the picture appears, after several tests being done, I found that this headset is less likely to fall out. So as for the daily commute, such as public transport, walking, cycling, the AirPods is still very suitable for wearing. But if it is used for going out, you’d better to be more careful.

AirPods has a series of action such as playing and pausing music, switching music, and opening SIRI.

Music can be switched by slightly touching the headphone twice.

Music can be paused if you take off any one headphone, and the music will go on when you put on the headphone.


  • Compared with earpods, the sound quality of AirPods does not improve remarkably.

  • I have never had voice call with using AirPods, and I found it is easy to communicate even if I was in a noisy environment. It shows that Apple has made great efforts of noise reduction.

  • The easy way of connecting and quick response show that Apple is good at the linkage of various devices.

  • The Apple device can be controlled by gestures, which spares troubles of taking out iPhone.

  • 3.5mm headphone jack is removed with the development. Choosing good wireless headphones can change the using habit of wire headphones. If you are a fan of Apple, and do not have special requirements of price and sound quality, then AirPods is a best choice.

BTW if your AirPods case is lost, don’t worry you got way more options. I got a new one on Amazon. Even better than the oringinal case:

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