Apple AirPods Review-Wireless Effortless Magical Headphones


The occurrence of AirPods ,which brings people impact as strong as iPhoneX. After watching the advertising video, all they want to do is just buying it. Indeed, this little headset has so much black technology inside which has broken many of the technical barriers and product forms of the headphone industry once again. As AirPods has been unpacked and evaluated a lot, I’ll talk about some of the using feelings and suggestions about AirPods after experiencing for some time.

Apple AirPods Review-Wireless Effortless Magical Headphones

For those who want to buy headsets, if you pay attention to the sound quality, the bluetooth wireless headset can be passed.

And for those who want to buy a bluetooth headset, if you care about the airtightness of the headset, such as the noise in the tube, you should buy an over-ear headsets, or at least an IEM-In ear monitor. Of course, you can also choose noise-canceling headphones.

Apple AirPods Review-Wireless Effortless Magical Headphones

If you’re not the above two, I suggest you don’t hesitate toplace an order for AirPods.

In the present wireless bluetooth headset market, no one can beat it in terms of battery endurance, comfort level, stability, latency, convenience, distance, sound quality, design, and even price. Look out for other products, which were produced before AirPods, all of these only few bluetooth headsets were more expensive than it was. (Of course, after AirPods were released, the prices of them were all cut down consciously.)

Yes, what it overturned is not just technology, but the whole market. And I’m going to add an “again” to this “overturned”.

Okay, so that’s what I want to say to people who haven’t bought AirPods, and then here are some tips and tricks for people who have started using AirPods.

1. The sound quality of AirPods inherits the EarPods’ consistent plain route, and the bass seems to be improved slightly. But anyone who has used a NGaudio Capricorn knows that EarPods have a more insipid way of dealing with audio, but once the EarPods are equipped with the NGaudio Capricorn, the EarPods’ sound is quite good. And the connection of Android and AirPods is not very convenient, as viper sound can’t be used on iPhone (the copycat viper sound on a homebred App is not included). Yet there is a especial optimization from music sound for AirPods, a little boost mainly on the thickness of the bass and overall sense of listening . I can’t help it, because of the copyright, I have made a bet on music app.

2. The touch events of two headsets can be set separately, what’s more, different events can be set on different devices. When AirPods connects to your iPhone, tapping your left ear is a wake-up call to Siri. When you connect to a Mac, you can swap tapping left ear for something else, such as next track.

3. If you want to continue to use headsets for 24 hours, or unfortunately headset power alarms while you are having fun watching films, the feasible way is: put one of the headsets in the box of charging, and then exchange for the other one. In that way you can use headsets all the time.

4.Always wear a cover on the charging box. As the charging box is often in the pocket or in the bag with the polished surface, it is covered with scratches in a few days. But the headsets are kept in the ear, or in the box, so with few scratches.

5. Pay attention to the way of wearing headsets: unlike EarPods. I’ve found that a lot of people put the microphone vertically down to the ear, and the standard way of wearing Apple AD has shown.

The reason why they wear like that is to let AirPods’ microphone aim at your mouth, and you can input your voice into the microphone better. In addition, it can make AirPods more tightly worn to your ears and less likely to fall off.

Apple AirPods Review-Wireless Effortless Magical Headphones

Of course, the AirPods still has some problems as the first bluetooth headset.

Stability is much better than other products, but as wireless headphones, interference is inevitable. In addition, since the headset has two play modes, when the microphone is enabled, the sound quality of the headset will fall. For example, while talking to Siri and making a phone call, it may be based on the bluetooth bandwidth consideration. However, it did not switch back after I use Siri recently as the sound quality of listening to music and watching videos is still bad. Finally restarting the Mac solved this problem. Connecting the iPhone didn’t work out this problem.

The charging indicator light of the headset is not explicit. When charging the headset, the indicator light turns from green to yellow. But to charge the box, there is no clear indication of the indicator light. It’s very likely that the line is not connected, the headsets are not charged.

In the same iCloud account, different devices can switch seamlessly. But the timelength of the switch is not very stable, sometimes it can be switched in 1 second, but sometimes in 5 seconds or 10 seconds.

Opening the AirPods charging box, iPhone pops up the menu bar and displays the power usage of the headset and the charging box. But the timing of this menu popping is weird, sometime very quickly, and sometimes very slowly. Once in an elevator, a colleague of mine put on his Beat headsets, and all iPhones in the elevator popped up the paired menu…

By the way, if you’re moved by this article, don’t rush to buy Airpods. Since according to the source code let out by iOS11, the second generation of AirPods is likely to be released in a short time, and I presume that it will be released with Apple’s wireless charging pad. The key point of the upgrade is, of course, the addition of wireless charging. Beside, the power lamp is moved to the outside of the charging box to check the charging state more conveniently. Other upgrades are not yet clear, and if you can’t wait that long, it is said that the earlier AirPods are said to be able to charge wirelessly by replacing a new charging box.

Sum up

Personally, AirPods are more worthy to be purchased than iPhoneX. (Is iPhoneX worth buying? Of course! )


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