Apple PowerBook G4 Design Review: This time I’ll share the G4 series of desktop Power Mac G4 with you


Last time I wrote an introduction to Apple PowerBook G4, and I found that there are many friends who are interested in previous Apple’s products. Thank you for your support, and you give me the impetus. There are many collections of old Apple devices in my house, mostly are  G4, G5 and a few G3 series because of my limited budget. According to Wikipedia’s classification of Apple, most of my collections are in the  range of “new world ROM”. Although the old software can’t support the equipment well, its industrial design is still worth to taste again.

This time I’ll share the G4 series of desktop Power Mac G4 with you. The name of ‘G4’ also comes from its microprocessor PowerPC G4 (PPC74xx). There are three types of Power Mac G4: “Yikes!” , “Quicksilver”, “Mirrored Drive Doors”.

Apple PowerBook G4 Design Review: This time I'll share the G4 series of desktop Power Mac G4 with you

“Quicksilver”, the quick silver, Ok, it’s the same name with the doctor. Next time when I use the doctor to fight with monsters, I’ll have an Apple host on my back.

“Mirrored Drive Doors”, the name reminds me of the stories of Snow White, the evil queen and the doraemon.

Ok, I will introduce them more carefully next time. Now let me introduce the original Power Mac G4, “Yikes!”

Power Mac G4 replaces Power Mac G3, and is replaced by Power Mac G5 after a period of time. You can notice it from numbers.

The appearance of Power Mac G4 “Yikes!” is derived from the Power Mac G3 (Blue & White), then mutate to the “Quicksilver” and “Mirrored Drive Doors”. It finally be completely eliminated after Power Mac G5 aluminum alloy shell emerged.

This is the original version of the Power Mac G4’s prototype. The display is a G3 display with a different color. The host G3 has a new CPU and a new shell, and the rest has been slightly upgraded ,which makes it an upgraded product.

This one is a middle and late product of Power Mac G4″Yikes!”It’s the first personal computer using Gigabit network card.

The PC case is designed as an X, the inner is galvanized and the shell uses acrylic. Two of the four bulgy and handles are hold up the whole PC case, which weighs 13KG.So the two handlebars are very likely to be broken if delivered.

Its shape is improved on the basis of G3, and on the right side, the G3’s frosted glass has been polished. If G3 is aesthetic, the G4 is more commercial. The plastic on the side  is not transparent, and there is no more LOGO such as G3. The G4 pursues simplicity, so it just retain the apple LOGO.

The front of Power Mac G4 “Yikes!” is almost identical to G3. And the G3 doesn’t have a floppy drive, but a ZIP.A G4 has a standard configuration, and it also has a later development. G4 is not as bright and fashionable as G3, but low-key and concise. How many people can afford such a high price at that time? Very few. So selling it to companies is more beneficial.

The back of the PC case are power radiator, socket, motherboard extension interface and video extension interface. At the top is the case lock (to prevent the side plates from being opened), and the bottom is also the case lock (to prevent the case from being removed).

There is a handle on the other side of the case to open the side plate. There were no screws at that time.

Now open the side panel of the case and confirm that it is locked. It reminds me of gull-winged doors, isn’t it upmarket and ritzy? Isn’t it worth $10,000?

When the side plate of the case is opened, the machine still  can operate normally, so that it can be overhauled and tested. On one side there are motherboards, processors, graphics CARDS, memory, and extension interfaces. On the other side there are power, hard disk, optical drive, boot module, horn and cooling fan. In the middle there are the IDE and other cable links, which are convenient to be removed and expanded. Over a decade, the old machine’s motherboard is still clean, although the air outlet and the power outlet have the dust. This design prevents it from electrical faults.

It has a very expensive 3.6V battery– a France high-volume battery, and still has electricity till now.

The CPU radiator is not very big, for it may break the main board, so try not to remove it. The memory banks are all there. This is the version which can include three memory banks, and there will be a four memory banks’ version of the Power Mac G4″Yikes!” in the future.

The original graphics card is AGP 2X ?  Do you know the oldest  is PCI interface? Not pci-e,but PCI-the white slot .AGP 2X slot has the post-added graphics card device. See the slot before the AGP 2X ? Apple graphics card is exclusive, and it has 28V display power supply. Fortunately, within the safe voltage, the motherboard won’t be burnt out.

The memory banks were from IBM, 256M* 3, the root cannot be recognized after entering the system. I’m lazy so I don’t want to find out, maybe it is the bottom one. It’s not our fault to make the label position different from others.

The G4 core microprocessor modulate is produced by MOTOROLA. There are many other originals on the module with a Samsung cache.

XPC7410,its working frequency is 533MHz. The core is covered with heat-cooled silicone grease and is surrounded by plastic film. It is estimated to prevent the radiator from contacting with the core.

The microprocessor module also has a Samsung cache chip on the back, and the interface is 360pin CBGA.Is it really has 360 stitches. I feel I can count them when I’m free.

The dense staples of the main board are still clean.

I’ve been looking at it for half a day. Canadian certification, at the beginning I believed it a wireless card. What if the wireless card needs the PC slot on the left? It came to me that it is a 56K modem.

The first generation of AirPort is presumably also very expensive at that time. Desktop with wireless Internet is surely cost-effective in the 199 dial-up age.

The wireless adapter is compliant with the 802.11b specification. Plug it in, and install the antenna, then you can   quickly got a Wi-Fi of 11Mbps.

There is a Power Mac G4″Yikes!” with four memory banks in my house. When you enter the system, you’ll find the graphics card is NVidia GeForce2 MX. Oh, why isn’t it an ATI Rage 128 Pro? I love it so much.

Apple is using two graphics cards to get benefit from vicious competition.

The graphics cards have the same interface, VGA+ADC interfaces. Have you seen the small words?–28V DC 4A Max, the boss of charged video cards. Do you believe I’ll connect with the data cable to treat with your Internet addiction? Please call me the Apple electric king.

Just look at the ADC interface, it seems like just have a few more needles than the DVI interface. But look at this picture, ADC=DVI+ power +USB extension. Fantastic! my Apple.

The special needs of power supply, of course, companied with the special power. Besides common 5V, 3.3V and 12V, we also provide 28V for the display equipment. Integrating the display power into the box, I think it is ok!

The lost Mayrio, once was a standard for apple.

There’s a surprise in the box, 8 ohm 2W, and every time it’s turned on, it’s a shock to you. Down there is the boot panel box.

The tone of the trumpet is not very good. It’s mono, but shouldn’t Apple has two? Maybe the company wants to save money.

Boot button module, also bring a control chip of Philips. It has a certain breath. It has its own style.

There’s also a Power Mac G4″Yikes!” It’s a late-stage, four-memory socket desktop, which with the proximity to Quicksilver. And its microprocessor cooling has been reduced; the expanded interface has also been changed.

Having used the Hong Kong modem, it is qualified!

The power supply is also replaced by Taida and still has 28V power supply.

On the left is the last generation, the microprocessor power controls better. It has smaller heat sinks; even the air vent on the chassis is cancelled. It is designed by American, and produced by Singapore. The total power is 480W with display power supply.

Pulled out the top case to hang a padlock on, and mom is no longer afraid of the case being opened by dad as a safe deposit box.

It has a flexible, big butt monitor.

The Power Mac G4 display is much more beautiful than the Power Mac G3 monitor (which is the display in the first picture, the front side of the screen is just so so, but the behind is very ugly. It will be introduced in details at the time when we talk about the Power Mac G3). With the host transparent four feet, the monitor has a big acrylic casing on it. The 17-inch screen, the weight, the personal estimate is 20KG.

The photo is hard to be taken, for the transparent shell is more reflective, but it is actually pretty good. It’s very clear on the inside of the monitor, and the general CRT monitors have been given a huge amount of ionizing radiation, so a perforated metal plate is used to block it out. I don’t know how Apple handles it, but does it contain lead? Then it can be taken down as a helmet at the nuclear war.

The support of the load-bearing monitor, the design of the morphs rings, is a whole. And I’m impressed with the design of the Apple and the manufacturing level of China.

The connection between the monitor and the bracket is too dusty to clean. The nameplate shows: the American design, made in China.

There also has Apple’s style when the computer is lay down. When it’s tired, lay down it for a while, and change it according to 90 ° (vertical) is OK.

The monitor is USB – HUB, the keyboard mouse can be directly attached to this, so it’s convenient.

You don’t need a power line .Make a comparison with the current DVI line; you will find the ADC line is very useful.

I want all of the Power Mac G4. The keyboard mouse is like a G3 with a different color.

Toilet lid mouse? It’s single. The big hands can hold it easily, but the small hands can’t.

It’s still the legendary mechanical mouse. And the rolling ball is also divided into two colors, this detail is great.

The keyboard is the same with the Power Mac G3.It has an usb-hub, a full-keyboard black keycap, and it feels cool.

The color is same as the host monitor. If you want to buy the Apple, buy a set of.

The boot key is very special, too. There are starting keys on the monitor, the case, and the keyboard. But the waiting on the keyboard is cancelled. So I feel the errors are too many.

The system can be used from os8.6 to os10.4.11. But I feel the OS9.2 is smoothest. The command + shift + 3 can’t get a screenshot, so I have to take photos.

AI7.0, the interface is very flat.

Internet explorer 5, which works finely on the Apple’s system, is quite inclusive.

Many old soft wares can prove many designers’ hardworking. Their designs should be memorized forever!

“Yikes!”, “Quicksilver”, “Mirrored Drive Doors”, they are three kinds of Power Mac G4, and all of them have been mentioned. See you next time~

Apple PowerBook G4 Design Review: This time I'll share the G4 series of desktop Power Mac G4 with you


The Power Mac G4 “Yikes!” is an Apple’s product with inheritance and innovation. The host’s appearance is changed slightly on the basis of Power Mac G3 (Blue & White). The G4 processor, AGP graphics card, gigabit network card and other hardware bring higher performance. The G4 monitor of the transparent shell is unique, so we can see the design of internal components clearly.

Though it’s old, it has created many memories and gorgeous products. I think that the Power Mac G4 can be collected for the first time using an Apple. The price is also relatively cheap because of the large scale. The only deficiency is that it’s too heavy and is likely to be damaged while delivering.

Apple PowerBook G4 Design Review: This time I'll share the G4 series of desktop Power Mac G4 with you

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Author: iblue2

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