Best Budget Projectors Under $100


With all the mechanical advances in the projector world, you ought to have no issue getting an astounding unit. What we have done here is made a rundown of just the first class pico projectors with simple to peruse audits in just place to spare you time and cash. Look at them below.Here are the Best Budget Projectors Under $100 that you can buy in the year 2018.

Best Budget Projectors Under $100: Categories

Presently inside this class, there are numerous decisions that you can discover on that are not very cost that likely fit the bill. Just if you don’t have sufficient energy to look through every one of them, we have done the examination and convey to you just the best spending well-disposed models around. So all things considered, look at the determinations beneath.

Crenova XPE460 LED Video Projector

The lion’s share of projectors made today still utilize a conventional globule/light as a light source. The Crenova XPE460 projector keeps running on a LED (1200 lumen) light source. There are focal points and hindrances to both of these sources, be that as it may, it is our supposition the benefits of having a LED are more prominent.

Best Budget Projectors Under $100

Driven light wellspring of the Crenova XPE460 has a lifetime of 20,000 hours, which is 4-5 times more noteworthy contrasted with what the lion’s share of customary lights offers.If you need a major 100+ inch screen for films or gaming, you will pay out the butt for an HDTV this size. These best budget Projectors are unquestionably the better efficient decision for a man who needs to go huge.

This Crenova Movie/Gaming Projector model can create up to a 130-inch picture. Considering the low value, this is an exceptionally great ability.

Excellent Display

The particulars on the toss separate. At 1.2 meters from the screen (or 4 feet), the picture estimate delivered will be around a 37-inch askew. At 3.8 meters away (or around 12.5 feet) this model will deliver a 130-inch screen picture.

Key Features

  • From our experience when contrasting LED with customary lights,
  • we discover the LED more often than not has better shading quality and can create a bigger picture from a similar separation far from the screen.
  • Another exceptionally helpful the give is a more extended life.
  • Customary knobs, for the most part, give between 4,000 – 5,000 hours of life.
  • After ceasing to exist a substitution globule will run of the mill cost.

Taotaole 2600 Lumens HD LCD Projector

This mixed media home projector with HDMI, USB, AV and VGA ports is a strong decision. This unit is likewise good with 1080p with a local determination of 1280×800.This an extraordinary machine with little rooms, motion picture parties, TV, diversion consoles and the sky is the limit from there.

Best Budget Projectors Under $100


  • Local Resolution 1280×800, Compatible with 1080.
  • Great Picture Quality
  • 2 worked speakers
  • Portos of HDMI, USB, VGA
  • Long Life 20,000 hours
  • For Small Room, Great Experience


  • Does not support higher lumens

Crenova XPE460 Projector

For a long while, film buffs have realized that the best way to get the genuine motion picture theater encounter is with a computerized projector.

Computerized projectors consider the extensive screen pictures not as of now conceivable with LED TVs, and give clients adaptability with where and how they are utilized.

Best Budget Projectors Under $100

Despite the fact that this projector has a similar frame factor of more costly models, we wanted to be astounded at how minimal it is. At 21 by 18 centimeters, the outer measurements of this projector are like that of a little tablet. Despite the fact that it’s substantially thicker than a tablet, this implies you would have no issue throwing it in a pack to take with you on a trek, or pulling it out to the patio for an improvised summer film night.

More Features

  • The XPE470 has an expert, straightforward look at it.
  • The best and base of the fenced-in area are topped off with plastic tops, while the sides have a striped white appearance.
  • The flame broil like visual radiated by the sides enables Crenova to shroud the cooling port, keeping the plan smooth and expert.

This projector is equipped for creating a picture in the vicinity of 37″ and 130.”We found that there is certainly a perfect range, as the picture tends to go somewhat out of the center at the extremes of that range.By and by, we found that a 60″ screen looked the best, despite the fact that everything from 50″ to 100″ was incredible.


  • A short measure of Time
  • Battery life

DBPOWER T20 LCD Mini Projector

The measure of room required for a major TV isn’t accessible. Also, a couple of TVs are accessible over.This is the reason more individuals now than any other time in recent memory are making the shrewd move to put resources into a projector instead of a TV. DBPOWER best budget projectors offer substantially more flexibility and can be utilized as a part of a large number of situations. There are several distinct makes, models, and brands to look over, all with changed determinations and necessities. Obviously, it can get very befuddling, very quick.

Best Budget Projectors Under $100

The colossal thing is, the T20 enables you to play media from an extensive variety of hotspots for a huge number of situations. Essentially, if your media can be associated using HDMI, RCA or an SD memory card, you ought to have no inconvenience. Be that as it may, cell phone similarity is somewhat touchy.

Best Features

  • Warmth can be a tremendous issue for any electronic, particularly one that is furnished with a splendid and capable light. Fortunately,
  • DBPOWER incorporated a one of a kind twofold tube cooling framework
  • appropriately disseminates any remaining warmth and “depletes” it out an assortment of ventilation gaps.

AAXA P3 -X Pico Projector .

This is preferred determination over you’ll discover in most pico projectors, and by and large considers an or more. Both the PK320 and the Editors’ Choice Optoma PK301 Pico Pocket Projector.  On the negative side, in any case, 1024 by 600 is sufficiently bizarre that most PCs don’t bolster it.

Best Budget Projectors Under $100

You’ll present scaling ancient rarities caused by adding or dropping pixels to influence the picture to coordinate the projector’s resolution.The control piece includes four more ounces, yet you can likewise run the P3 from its rechargeable battery, so you don’t need to convey the power hinder on each trek. You’ll likely need to bring it more often than not, be that as it may since the asserted battery life is just 65 minutes.


The P3’s 50-lumen rating is, in fact, small contrasted and most full-measure projectors, yet it’s sensibly splendid for a pico projector. As a commonsense issue, in light of the SMPTE proposals for brilliance, 50 lumens is sufficiently splendid for an about 28-to 37-inch slanting picture at a 16:9 angle proportion in theater-dull lighting.


  • More Battery Timing
  • Best Result


  • Heavyweight

UhAPPy U20 LCD Projector 3D Player

The smaller than usual projector that will most likely furnish you with an incredible LCD home auditorium encounter is the UhAPPy 2600 Lumens scaled down LED projector. This unit is an incredible decision with regards to watching films, gatherings, instructing, excitement settings and home silver screen theaters.

Best Budget Projectors Under $100

Key Features
  • The screen measure is between 32 to 200 creeps from a separation.
  • A few highlights are 2600 lumens, LED for fluid precious stone pictures, up to 2000 hours of light life, HDMI, USB, VGA associations and the sky is the limit from there.