Best Dior Perfume For Women 2018: Christian Dior J’adore Review


Women need to be delicate every day, perfume is a must have in our bags. My husband is busy buying electronic products. I also buy necessary products for myself. Christian Dior J’adore is a gift for my own New Year 2018. And now I feel it’s the best Dior perfume for me.

A long time ago, my husband had sent me a very small 5ml Dior J’adore to me. I have never sent a perfume before, and there was no nozzle in 5ml.I get two drops on my wrist. One day, i  went out for dinner with my husband. I suddenly feel a familiar smell. Later, the more I thought I was wrong, the smell seemed to be coming out of my bag. I opened the bag and found that the perfume was all sprinkled. Every time i pass by the DIOR counter, i must take a look at it. one day, I can’t stand it anymore. And I went to a counter to buy perfume, I only wanted to buy a 30ml. The clerk said that the minimum bottle of J’adore is 50ml. Then I bought a 75ml one.

Best Dior Perfume For Women 2018: Christian Dior J'adore Review

The packaging is simple. There’s not even a description, I’m attracted  by its fragrance and bottle design. Others I don’t care. The box has a ‘CD’ on it. The golden font gives me a elegant and unique feeling.

Golden bottle, crystal bottle cap. The bottle is oval in shape like a drop, like a queen on the top, there are the golden ring-shaped neck and the yellowish perfume bottle with a curved line, which arevery harmonious and temperament.

Best Dior Perfume For Women 2018: Christian Dior J'adore Review

DIOR is a pure fragrance for me. Top notes: Damascus rose and May rose. It is fleeting, but it has an initial olfactory impression. Middle note: Jasmine Sabah, the essence of a fragrance, can linger for long periods of time. Keynote: Indian Tuberose, which lasts for a long time, even after a few days I can smell the faint scent in the clothes.

The word “CD” printed on the top of the head is Dior’s classic logo. The spray nozzles have a wide range of spray, so I usually aim at myself, spray on the clothes.

The top of the cap is also printed with the words j’adore, which is very beautiful.

Best Dior Perfume For Women 2018: Christian Dior J'adore Review

Let the fragrance stay longer, perfume is best smeared in the pulse beating position, such as behind the ear, the inside of the wrist, the inside of the knee, because the higher body temperature in these places that the fragrance is easily distribute, I usually spray only two times, spray the inside of the wrist, spray on the dress is very fragrant (light-colored clothes do not spray directly on the clothes, because the perfume will make stain on the clothing.people are different, like scent can be more than two spray, but the money is spurting out,  and be carefu the perfume contaminated jewelry. Oh. In addition, the choice of perfume must consider their own age, suitable place, the season and so on.

Best Dior Perfume For Women 2018: Christian Dior J'adore Review

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