Best Drugstore Makeup Reviews 2018


Will you go to the cosmetic and skin care area if you go to a supermarket? Or just go directly to the snack area to buy some food? Without too much money as a student that I used to be, I didn’t purchase online for the fear of buying fake products. So I would like to have a look at the cosmetic and skin care area in the supermarket and drugstore.

Today I will recommend some cosmetics to you. The products shown below are all lower than 15$. You can take them without too much money, and they can almost beat the famous brands.


I have mentioned Milani in my previous lipsticks recommendations. But actually the eye shadows and blushes of this Los Angeles brand are pretty good. Milani has duped some of MAC’s most famous products.

Recommended items :


This blush is cheap but luxurious, andis quite pigmented。Besides,it’s pressed that you can regard it as an heirloom. You will never use it up, and you can use it for at least 2 years.

Best Drugstore Makeup Reviews 2018

Milani Baked Blush

I highly recommend this to you! The powder is fine and glittering. It will look creamy when you apply on it. You will be good-looking without highlighter.But the only shortcoming is that it doesn’t hide the pores. However, it will be ignore if you just put on a thin layer Besides, very energetic.

Best Drugstore Makeup Reviews 2018


Some bloggers have highly recommended this brand. Some products are so cheap that it seems as if they are nonprofit, which can be said that they are free.

Recommended items:

e.l.f. Contour Palette

The package is as cool as that of Nars, and this set is practical. The lightest color in the upper left is shimmer, and the other three colors are matte. Cheap but pretty large, you can have this instead of a bags of other products.

Best Drugstore Makeup Reviews 2018

Try-on sharing from YouTube blogger @HelloCatie :

This compact is suitable for practicing.but it is not a very big deal. There are several colors that are very suitable for Asian, and the cost performance is high.

e.l.f. Power Blush Palette

It’s very practical that can hold almost all kinds of cosmetics.The powder is fine, too. I like the color in the upper left, but mix them up also awesome.

Best Drugstore Makeup Reviews 2018

Wet ‘n Wild

Wet ‘n Wild and e.l.f. is the representative of the cosmetics in supermarkets. They are all cheap but luxurious, which are especially perfect and come across this brand,and buy without hesitation. And then you will find that the total price is still lower than a Tom Ford lipstick.

Recommended items:

Wet ‘n Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow 10 Pan Palette

The girls who start to learn make up should buy one to practice, because it is so cheap that you can let it alone without heart-broken when you are skillful.

Best Drugstore Makeup Reviews 2018

Physicians Formula

Physicians Formula is the excellent one of American cosmetic in the supermarket.The price is satisfying. It’s a brand especially designed for sensitive skin, which can be used by pregnant women.

Recommended items:

Physicians Formula Murumuru Butter Bronzer

Cosmetic blogger Kathleen Light has recommended this compact in her video. It smells like coconut, which is similar to the skin care products of our grandmothers. Some people will be fond of this, but some may not have this feeling. The color is light, you can thicken it by overlaying powder, and it is suitable for novice.

Best Drugstore Makeup Reviews 2018

Physicians Formula Pearl Highlighter

I have some highlighter that are more expensive than 10$,But the Hydrating effectis noticeable, and it will keep for a long time.Compared with BB pink glow that was recommended before, the brightness of this one is higher, and because of the different patterns, some will be looked like bronze, but this one is suitable for Asian. The most important thing is that it’s cheap! A dozen dollars can buy 8g, and the lower mezzanine also comes with a brush.

Best Drugstore Makeup Reviews 2018


Recommended items:

L’oreal Infallible Matt long-lasting liquid foundation

The effect of covering is quite good that freckles, dark circles, blackheads can be covered over 50 percent. If your skin is not too bad, then you don’t need to add anything. The semi-matte cream skin will  looks dry or powdery when you finish, latter it will become matte. This liquid foundation is more suitable for oil skin and mix skin. The same to wear of Estee Lauder, you shouldn’t go through summer without it.

Best Drugstore Makeup Reviews 2018


Dermacol was heat last year due to its strong covering. However, with the strong degree of concealment, the product has a strong sense of making up, and when it is necessary to control the amount when you use it, or it will look unnatural.

Recommended items

Dermacol  Liquid Foundation

It is known in YouTube that can cover tattoos.But it is still a liquid foundation.recently,it was recommended by a famous girl and many other beauty bloggers. It was heat for a long time. The recommended color number: #07 ivory. White / #08 Ceramic White / #09 Peach powder / #10 Natural Color is hottest

Best Drugstore Makeup Reviews 2018

Best Drugstore Makeup Reviews 2018


Finally we talk about Maybelline, as a leader who leads me to making up, it kept me company for a long time. It can be seen at domestic supermarkets and Watson, but the prices are more expensive than that of foreign counters.

Recommended items:

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer

It is about ten dollars, really cheap but good stuff! The texture is light and moist and easy to put on. The concealment is passable, and it feels natural. It is not used for fine lines at the moment. It can use to cover the crow’s feet.

Best Drugstore Makeup Reviews 2018

There are a lot of affordable good stuffs in drugstore that they can’t be finished in one article. We can purchase according to our own need..

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