Best Gifts for a New Mom under 1000


Motherhood is a wonderful experience and a new journey for a mom. It is full of surprises, apprehensions, excitements and learning. Once you become a mother, your baby becomes your priority and you want the best for them. However, becoming a mom doesn’t mean that you don’t need to be pampered or you don’t have your own desires anymore. And, what better way to get pampered or rejoice with excitement than receiving a gift.

Wondering what you can gift a new mom who has just received the most beautiful gift of her life? Well, you don’t have to pick your brains anymore. Here are a few suggestions for the best gifts for a new mom and within a budget of 1000.

Post-pregnancy Bodycare hamper: After childbirth, a mom undergoes a physical change and her body needs care and support to get back to the normal form. These body and skin care products have been designed specifically for new moms to give them relief from body pains, ensure a stress free, soothing effect during massage and also helps to tone their muscles. It helps them to care for themselves during the hectic schedule of a new mom. Brands like The Moms Co. Mamaearth and others have amazing body care products for new moms like creams, essential oils etc. In case you increase your budget, you can also make a hamper of associated products.

Best Gifts for a New Mom under 1000

Worth It: The Moms Co. Natural Body Butter (200g)

₹698, Apr 09

This Body Butter from The Moms Co. is priced at INR 698.

Stylish Diaper Bag: One of the first things that a new mom will need is a good and durable diaper bag. She would need to travel with her baby and a good diaper bag should be her best companion. You can choose a diaper bag which is spacious yet not too big, has necessary sections to hold all baby products and should be stylish as well so that she doesn’t mind carrying it to parties as well. You can either choose a bag with a baby look or more like a fashionable handbag for a woman. You can check out brands like Bay Bee, Fisher-price, Offspring and others.

Best Gifts for a New Mom under 1000

Worth It: Bey Bee – Mama’s Bag {Diaper Bag} (Purple)

₹648, 7% off Apr 09

This cute cartoon print bag from Bay Bee is priced at INR 648.

Nursing Pillow or Baby Carrier: A new mom definitely needs a baby carrier for a couple of months and a nursing pillow for the at least the first six months. So, you can choose any one of these necessary items for gifting. You can Lula Mom for comfortable nursing pillows under 1000 and Mee Mee, BabyHug, Anmol Wrap etc. for baby carrier and slings. You can also think of baby bedding set with adjustable net.

Best Gifts for a New Mom under 1000

Worth It: Lulal Mom Comfortable Nursing Pillow For Mom & Baby

₹950, 30% off Apr 09

This comfortable and multipurpose nursing pillow from Lula Mom is reasonably priced at INR 950.

Baby care set: Baby care set is also an important and useful gift that you can take for a new mom. She will be in constant need of baby products like creams, oils, diapers, wipes etc. So the more, the merrier! You can check for brands like Johnson and Johnson, Sebamed, Himalaya. Mee Mee, Pigeon and other renowned brands for quality products to ensure the best for the baby. They have hampers of different sizes and prices, so you can choose according to your budget.

Best Gifts for a New Mom under 1000

Worth It: Himalaya Gift Pack

₹962, 4% off Apr 09

This baby gift set comes in a nice basket and contains massage oil, lotion, shampoo, wipes, rash cream and others. It is priced at INR 962.

Feeding clothes: A new mom will spend a lot of time breastfeeding and nursing her baby. So, what better than some comfortable clothes for her which helps in easy breastfeeding and also makes it easy to move around. Many of her old clothes might not fit anymore, so she will be on the outlook to revamp her wardrobe with post pregnancy. So, gift her a comfortable nighty or some loose fitting apparels to feel comfortable. On the contrary, you can also gift her some body shaping belts to help her get back to shape or hide her baby fat.

Best Gifts for a New Mom under 1000

Worth It: Morph Maternity – Purple Feeding Nighty – For Pre and Post Pregnancy

₹999, 23% off Apr 09

This specially designer nighty has a breast zip for easy breastfeeding and is not visible otherwise. This product from Morph Maternity is priced at INR 999.

Now, you know the best and pocket-friendly gifts that you can take for a new mom. All of these will be well appreciated as these are some of the most important things a mom needs after a baby is born.

Take the best gift for a new mom and of course, don’t forget to usher loads of best wishes too!

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