Best Low Priced Android Tablets Review : Amazon Fire HD8


Reasons for purchase

For tablets, my wife chooses Ipad.  I didn’t expect too much other than watching videos and browsing the web. So I searched the best budget android tablet . Considering of the high price of Ipad, there were a lot of Android Pads of low price to choose. I chose it for a lack of money in fact.During that time I also looked the market of tablets online and I found out that the best-selling one was Ipad as expected. And for the famous brand in China there was only HUAWEI and HUAWEI belonged Honor. What’s more, there were also some so-called cheap copies. Of course, Samsung’s tablets and Surface of Microsoft were selling. The whole tablet market seems to decline since the screen of mobile phone is getting bigger and bigger weakening the advantage of a big screen of tablets, no wonder that the tablet market appear to be like the sun setting in the west. Now only HUAWEI is insisting for tablet production in famous bands in China. Although Xiaomi Tech released tablets before and I bought one for my older family member, you can’t see it selling at present. And let’s see how long HUAWEI will persevere in.

Best Low Priced Android Tablets Review : Amazon Fire HD8

One day, when I was surfing online, I saw Fire HD 8 of Amazon only costs 49.99$ which delighted me for one moment as it was highly cost effective. Though it would take time and energy to buy products overseas, this tablet would only cost me 65$ including freight charge. I guessed the price is the same as a cheap copy’s, but this one had a better quality.

There are 3 different tablets on Amazon, for HD7, the CPU is quad core 1.3G, the RAM is 1G, and the price is 39.99$; for HD8, the CPU is quad core1.3G, the RAM is 1.5G and the price is 59.99$; for HD10, the CPU is quad core 1.8G, the RAM is 2G, the price is 119.99$. Therefore, HD8 is definitely the most cost-effective product on Amazon.

Knowing that many web users on SMZDM think highly of it, and describe it as superior in quality, low in price and durable in use, I impulsively went to American Amazon. Then I saw that sure enough the tablet was selling at the price of 49.99$. I put it in my shopping trolley. However, when I was ready to pay for it I realized a problem, which transfer company should I choose?

Appearance show

Best Low Priced Android Tablets Review : Amazon Fire HD8

When I got that parcel, I thought it must be the strong box that my parcel was in perfect condition after flying over mountains and seas.Inside is relatively simple as there is nothing but air bags.There is totally not a deluxe packaging like other electronic products but a very simple one which looks like a souvenir bag or the general goods in supermarkets.Open the bag, there is no polyfoam and no sponge; I can’t stop wondering if it is really a cheap product or if the producers are too confident in the solid degree of his product.Open the packaging, also simple here. There are no other things except for the mainframe, the power adapter, the USB and the instruction book.

I think the mainframe is very ordinary for no outstanding feature and when I carried it I felt it heavier than I had thought. And according to the arguments, it weighs 369g, which is 100g heavier than Ipad. But the strange thing was I felt the same when I carried them in one hand and the other.

Best Low Priced Android Tablets Review : Amazon Fire HD8

The top is the key; from left to right is the volume key, the headphone jack, the micro-USB interface and the on-off.The left side of the body is a micro SD card slot with a maximum support of 256GB.The back is also black, which writes the information of the product, so it’s not deliberately polished.Both front and back there is a camera.Seeing from the charger, the output is 5V1A, indicating that it does not support fast charge. And it is said to be equipped with a battery of 4750mah, I estimated that full charge will cost six hours.

Quick guide

As usual, a family portrait.

Best Low Priced Android Tablets Review : Amazon Fire HD8

Use feeling

Boot up, starting process is relatively long, you need to wait for a while patiently. Then there are various Settings and confirmations. Then the system is updated. Confirm Amazon’s account, and all the related information will be displayed. I’m using American Amazon information. Then start using the tutorial. Enter the desktop; I feel icons are a little big with no beautification. Discovered by device information that this product is the seventh generation product of Fire HD 8, and it is still so ugly in seventh generation. I am skeptical about Amazon’s aesthetics.

Best Low Priced Android Tablets Review : Amazon Fire HD8

This product’s selling point, in addition to vast amounts of electronic book resources of Kindle and carrying Amazon intelligent assistant Alexa, the battery life is improved up to 12 hours, which can meet the basic needs. But Alexa which Amazon takes pride in supports only English, which is a useless feature for me whose English is so poor. The Washington Post APP has also been installed, through which you can receive latest news feeds. However, the language environment is different after all. So I re-log using a Chinese Amazon accounts. This time the previous contents have changed completely to what totally based on the familiar Chinese environment and content. But obviously the content is less than the American Amazon account’s, and the previously not shown ads are also displayed now. I have nothing to say about it. The built-in Amazon store is basically out of use, and it has been replaced directly by a third-party App store. With the installation of the Cool Ann market, it is convenient to download all kinds of popular apps.

Best Low Priced Android Tablets Review : Amazon Fire HD8

And the selection of purchase is relatively simple and clear. Considering the memory of this tablet is relatively small, and then I download the Black Domain which needs to install the ADB first, you can search on the Internet. The procession is simple according to the prompts from Black Domain of inputting code, and then you can use it on the tablet. Readjust the desktop icons, now they look better for me.

Best Low Priced Android Tablets Review : Amazon Fire HD8

Look back at the parameters of this product: the body size is 8.4 x 5 x 0.4 inches (214 x 128 x 9.2 mm) and weighs 12 ounces (341 grams); equipped with 8-inch widescreen (1280×800 pixels) and HD display (189 PPI), VGA front-facing camera + 720p HD video camera; with a quad core 1.3GHz processor, it should be Media Tek; 1.5 GB of RAM; 16GB ROM, micro SD extension storage of 256GB; 8 stereo speakers with Dolby Audio certification. This kind of tablet does nothing characteristic if you only look at those parameters, bad screen, bad processor, RAM is small, bad camera. However, for big brand tablet, you still want to buy a cost-effective product. For what I have to say, you’ve been asking too much. Play videos for test, the screen is relatively bright and clear. And I’m quite satisfied with the large sound. But when I use the VLC player, there is a choppy animation.

Best Low Priced Android Tablets Review : Amazon Fire HD8

As soon as the blue ray mode is turned on, the screen turns orange, which is markedly different from the eye-protection mode using by Honor mobile phone from HUAWEI. I feel satisfied with its own browser Slik, which is fast and feels safer than the domestic browsers. After running overall, I feel this tablet is very ordinary, and the cost performance is still relatively high.


The Fire HD 8, a tablet launched by Amazon, comes with a big name and a loud brand. But the positioning is low-end tablet, no mainstream processor, not too much of memory, also not equipped with a high capacity of storage space, it is fully based on the advantage of a low cost  to compete with other tablets, especially the biggest rival——the cheap copy.


1. With high brand awareness and low price, other similar products are hard to match it.

2. The workmanship of this product is nice, although the price is low, the workmanship is not sloppy.

3. The product is small in size and easy to carry.

4. Running smoothly, it can satisfy the general requirements of reading, watching videos, especially when playing videos, it sounds very good.

5. It shares with Kindle of Amazon’s massive Kindle e-book resources, and often there are sales promotions.

6. It supports Amazon’s advanced artificial intelligence Alexa, but it can’t be used for regional reasons.

7. Good system support, regular system update.


1. No follow-up warranty.

2. The product appearance design is relatively ordinary, and belongs to the old style of tablet design system.

3. The weight of the product is relatively heavy, fortunately the size is small.

4. The screen resolution is not high; especially the eye protection mode is different from the eye protection mode on the phone. Why?

5. The processor is not fast enough, the RAM is not large enough, the overall performance is relatively ordinary, and large APPs cannot be run on this tablet.

6. Bring your ads after booting up automatically, if you want a cancellation you need to pay.

7. Although with the name of the Kindle, you can read a huge amount of e-book resources, but with this reading for a long time, your eyes will obviously be hurt.

If you want to buy a tablet to browse the web, watch some videos and play games, there is no doubt that the Fire HD 8 is appropriate with both the quality of the brand and a relatively reasonable hardware configuration. If you care about the appearance level and performance, so you have to spend more than twice as much to buy a mainstream brands tablet, with which you will be more satisfied. Of course the money you pay could be more.

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