Best Places to Visit in China in June

Best Places to Visit in China in June here has listed the most suitable places to visit in June. Each of them has different special features. Staying in crowded urban full of people and vehicle, it is better to go to a trip for June, for those mountains, water and other charm of the countryside scenery. The following will recommend lavender of Ili in Xinjiang province, magnificent mountain of Zhangjiajie in Hunan province and beautiful countryside scenery in Sichuan.
♦ 1.Ili/ Xinjiang ProvinceBest Places to Visit in China in June
The reasons go in June:
June is the season of lavender blooming, Ili in Xinjiang is the hometown of lavender in China, at that time, thousands of acres of lavender flowers field become a sea of purple…When rape flowers in spring were gone, you can see lavender flowering in June of summer. Speaking of lavender, maybe you just know lavender in Provence where Lavender is renowned. But at the Ili River valley of Xinjiang, there also has a vast world of lavender.
Someone says: “without going to Xinjiang, I do not know how large China is; without going to Ili, I do not know how beautiful Xinjiang is.” In June’s flowering season, the Ili river valley, like wearing a purple coat of violet flowers, fields of lavenders like the waves in the wind. At this time if you can rent a bike, riding along the side of field slowly under the blue sky, white clouds and the wind, it must be very romantic. There are a few lavender planting base in Ili, including construction corps 65 group’s which the largest base is, it is worth to go.
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