BOLOLO Baby Food Maker and Grinder: New Parents’ Best Friend


The kids from the beginning of the 6 months you can add complementary, then Rice noodles, vegetables, the egg yolk mud puree. The baby food maker is a good choice.

BOLOLO Baby Food Maker and Grinder: New Parents' Best Friend

The supplementary food machine is taken out of the box, including the main body of the complementary food machine, steamer, stirring lid, water cup, stir bar, instruction book, supplementary food manual and two small jars as gifts.

The main body of the auxiliary food machine is the water tank and the control area is on the left side. The knob design is: steam mode, shutdown and mixing mode. It is easy to operate, intuitive and clear, and the old man can operate easily. When mom and dad go to work, grandparents can make good food for the baby too.

The inside of the water tank is made of stainless steel, solid and durable, “hidden” in the plastic body, and not afraid to be accidentally burned. The lid can be locked, still open or locked in a rotating way.

The knife is still very sharp, the common material is absolutely easy to take off, so it must be careful when cleaning, do not be careless to break the handle. The lower part has a lock design, only the push in place, the machine will run normally, otherwise the indicator light will not be bright.

The cover is also locked, similar to such a lock setting, greatly improved the safety of the product, very humanized design. When all the locks are in place, the small hole is just opposite to the steam outlet of the water tank. The sealing effect is pretty good. In fact, steam leakage is not much, and the utilization rate of energy efficiency is high.

I have potatoes at homes that can make mashed potatoes. First wash the potatoes and peel them, cut them into small pieces. The maximum should not exceed the maximum scale of Max steamer, put the potatoes into the steamer, safely cover. Steaming time depends on ingredients of the reference diet, for different time scale of the water, making the potatoes here for 20 minutes of water, adding water to the steam oven, lock the safety button. Turn on the steam button and then do something else.

BOLOLO Baby Food Maker and Grinder: New Parents' Best Friend

After 20 minutes, the steamed potatoes were poured into the cooking machine from the steamer, and the knobs were swirled to the stirring function. Then the food and mud were observed through the transparent cup, and the food was poured out of the cooking cup.

BOLOLO Baby Food Maker and Grinder: New Parents' Best Friend

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