Brazilian Export and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil) Visits JUMORE to Discuss

Brazilian Export and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil) Visits JUMORE to Discuss
China is the largest trade partner of Brazil. In recent years, the economic and trade relations between the two countries have undergone rapid development – various kinds of smallwares, train cars showcasing China’s muscles in technology, and capitals originated from China enabling Brazil and all countries around the world to feel the beats and fully enjoy the benefits of the development of China.
The delegation of Apex-Brasil visited JUMORE Beijing Office on May 19, and had in-depth communication with JUMORE Chairman Lu Hongxiang on the promotion of China-Brazil trade ties, and on encouraging Brazilian companies to connect with the global market via JUMORE platform. Two parties also reached consensus on the signing of strategic cooperation agreement, and on encouraging Brazilian companies to participate in JUMORE platform.
In recent years, the mechanism for China-Brazil cooperation is further improved, and the depth and width of the cooperation are expanded. Two parties have signed a series of new bilateral and multilateral cooperation documents that lay a solid foundation for improving the efficiency, expanding the scope and space for cooperation between China and Brazil. From the perspective of industries, Brazil is one of the fastest-developing countries in the world, boasting abundant natural resources, comprehensive industrial systems, and an advanced aerospace manufacturing industry. The cooperation between JUMORE and Brazil can on one hand introduce the advanced technologies onto JUMORE platform to help companies with their quick upgrading and transformation. And on the other hand, JUMORE will also bring garments, plastic products, steel, and mechanical products made in China and needed by Brazil to the country. Additionally, the great demand of Brazil in infrastructure construction perfectly complements with the China’s advantages in infrastructure. Infrastructure investment needs financial support, and JUMORE will help Brazil to attract investment from the world.
Apex-Brasil is the major trade and investment promotion agency of Brazil. It has established cooperation with more than 80 associations of major economies, and the cooperation involves bulk commodities, cosmetics, and garments. Its major task is to promote the export of Brazilian products and services, and help Brazilian companies to better enter the international market. During the communication, Apex-Brasil delegates mentioned that, Apex-Brasil pays great attention to the trade ties between China and Brazil. Now the major trade products between two countries are oil, soy beans, and iron ores. Brazilian delegates wish that in the future China-Brazil trade can be more diversified, and cooperation in agricultural products, foods, and construction of technological facilities can be enhanced. However, the majority of Brazilian companies do not have enough understanding of Chinese companies, which constitutes a barrier impeding the further development of China-Brazil collaboration. Apex-Brasil wishes that via JUMORE Cross-Border E-Commerce, Brazilian companies can find more partners in China, and promote the upgrading of China-Brazil cooperation.
Lu Hongxiang appreciated Brazilian delegates’ recognition of JUMORE, and mentioned that JUMORE can help Apex-Brasil to set up its online pavilion, thus promoting the business growth of Brazilian companies, and JUMORE is willing to construct a platform for cooperation between Chinese and Brasil companies. JUMORE will coordinate with Brazilian government, chambers of commerce, and industrial associations to promote various kinds of activities.
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