Butt Building Diet and Exercises with fast Results


One of the most annoying things about trying to find information on how to get a bigger booty is that a lot of times you don’t get an actionable guide to follow.

So in this guide you’re going to learn a simple but powerful diet that you can follow to grow a bigger booty and the best exercises that go with it. This is the ultimate formula to a bigger butt: Eating the right foods + Doing the right workouts = Bigger Butt

The butt building diet

For break-fast you can eat 3 to 4 egg whites, add 2 pieces of whole wheat bread and half a grapefruit. For brunch, you can eat a cup of Greek yogurt and add some berries. You can add some oats to it also to give that crunchy factor. For lunch you can eat baked chicken breast. Add some spinach and lettuce. To add some healthy fats, include a piece of avocado. In the evening, you can snack on nut butter pasted on a toasted whole wheat bread. Now for dinner you can make a salmon fillet with a side of quinoa and some asparagus.

Exercises for a bigger butt

Some very powerful and strengthening exercises are squats, dead-lifts and lunges.

Squats are very powerful for getting a bigger butt especially when you adjust your foot position to put more stress on your butt muscles so they will feel it more. You can use dumddbells with your squat routine in order to maximize the results. In order to get the maximum benefit from squats you have to do it slow or at a reasonable pace. Your muscles will feel it more and you’ll see greater results.

As there are many types of butt workouts, we’re not going to confuse you with all the different variations. So no need to worry as we have compiled a very effective butt workout that will give you fantastic gains. In the video below you’ll see the routine that you should do 3 to 4 times a week in order to maximize your butt muscle gains.

Butt Building Diet and Exercises with fast Results

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