What can I Buy from Taobao/Tmall/Juhuasuan


Chinese people buy literally EVERYTHING on Taobao. I know the most difficult part is CHINESE, the Language! As a result, in this post, I will tell you what keywords I used. You just need to copy the keywords, and choose the one looks good to you to purchase.

Because of the high delivery fee, I highly recommend you buy virtual products.

  1. Low price software.

Once, I bought MS Office 365 for less than £1.

(This is a screenshot of Taobao App, same as below)

Searching keywords: office 激活码

The seller will send you the license key, and maybe a software download URL.

2. Low price Template.

When I was at school, I always bought slides templates from Taobao. Moreover, my CV used a template from Taobao. Trust me, those bought templates are really good-looking!

Searching keywords: PPT 模板

3. Game equipment (Dota, LOL, H1Z1…)

Yes, you can buy those Game equipment here. Moreover, because of the price difference, you could sell it to those sellers.

Searching Keywords: Dota 装备

4. High-resolution Movies

For example, Game and Thrones! Tbh, in China, you can always find those virtual products free online. But, it is not easy to find those. And I am a lazy guy, as a result, I prefer just buy it. The point is it is soooo cheap! Cheaper than a coke!

Searching Keywords: 权利的游戏 未删减

5. Factory Price Luxurious bags.

Well… Yes.. You could say it is fake products.. but, girls always like new stuff… And tbh, a lot luxury fashion brands has factories in China. Through the sophisticated manufacturing process, rare raw material may not to fully used. The factory may use the same material and go the production line to “copy” an actually the same products.

So, How cheap it is ? Ummmmm… Louis Vuitton Neverfall for only $40.

However, because the platform fight against fake products, you may never see it if you searched with the brands name as keywords. So, here is the right keywords.

Searching keywords: 原版包

The sellers may ask you to negotiate on WeChat, and pay on Wechat. That’s fine. They are just afraid of punishment from Taobao platform for selling fake products. They may not upload the whole products catalog on Taobao. But they do sell all luxurious bags!

Actually, you can find all brands who owns factories in China at extremely low price on Taobao. But PLEASE BE ATTENTION, You get what you pay for!If you’re looking for good quality, please choose relatively higher price. For how to diagnose good products with low price, it is another big topic. I might discuss it in another post.

6. Literally everything from all over the word.

Interesting! Chinese people are good at calculating. They compare products prices all over the word, and only purchase products from where it sells cheapest. Moreover, because of the floating of exchange rate, they purchase at lower point, and sell it at higher point. As a result, you may find products less than market price on Taobao.


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