Is China a Communist Country?


Is China a Communist Country? Given its large-scale economy, its reliance on (and now tacit defense of) global free trade and market mechanisms, can we say that it is at all a marxist country? My answer: only in one sense is China communist-its insistence on a one-party state. But this means China is authoritarian, not Communist.

Russia Good: do some real research with actual economic data instead reading some books written by westerners. China is a Socialist/Communist country politicly and economicley, if people call Venezuela a socialist country then so is china, even a hell lot more so than Venezuela. Just the biggest 30 cooperation in China are all owned by the state and account for 25% of Chinas GDP. And this is just the 30 biggest ones, there are a lot more companies who are owned by the state or are dependent on Governement spending. All these Enterprises are owned by the state and the state is owned by the people of china juridical, hence why its a socialist state. Thats a huge difference to capitalism. Economic planning is still dealt in 5 years plans and if you want to sell your foreign products in China youre forced to make a joinventure with a Chinese company. How the hell has it anything to do with free market? And why should China try to export Socialism abroad to be called a socialist country? Its nothing new, see Stalins: Socialism in one country policies

China is a market-based socialist economy. It’s certainly not Communism (which was the point of my video, to say that it wasn’t communist).

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