Chinese Ideas for World Economy! JUMORE Is Invited to AIFC for Deepening Cooperation

Chinese Ideas for World Economy! JUMORE Is Invited to AIFC for Deepening Cooperation
Currently, the 3-month long World Expo Kazakhstan is on show.
China, as the national exhibitor with the largest exhibition area, made its pavilion according to the theme of “Future Energy, Green Silk Road”. Focusing on the changes in “past, now, and future”, the pavilion fully demonstrates the new ideas and achievements of China in the transformation of traditional energies, development of new energy, green technology, and sustainable development, and also shows the actual cooperation between China and “Belt and Road” countries and others on energy and trade.
Cross-Border E-Commerce JUMORE, as one of the best cooperation partners of Kazakhstan, arrived in Kazakhstan on June 19th for a 5-day visit to deepen its cooperation projects with Kazakhstan under the “Belt and Road” Initiative.
Kazakhstan is not only an important strategic nexus of Belt and Road, but also the origin of the Belt and Road Initiative. JUMORE’s visit to Kazakhstan will not only diversify the development of China-Kazakhstan cooperation, but will also share the benefits of the Belt & Road Initiative with more people on its route.
Astana International Financial Center (AIFC) is the first stop of JUMORE upon its arrival in Kazakhstan. JUMROE Chairman Lu Hongxiang had a meeting with his old friend, AIFC Governor Kairat Kelimbetov. The two parties discussed the details for integrating AIFC into the JUMORE-Astana Cooperation Agreement, and AIFC’s participation in Kazakhstan Offline Complex Projects, and worked out a detailed development plan for JUMORE AIFC Pavilion that was just launched.
Chinese President Xi Jinping, when attending the opening ceremony of Kazakhstan Expo, has also mentioned that China will actively support the development of AIFC and encourage more financial institutions of China to join in the construction of AIFC. The innovative cooperation between JUMORE and AIFC sets undoubtedly an example of China-Kazakhstan cooperation.
In recent years, the development of China’s e-commerce has drawn global attention. More and more innovative e-commerce platforms like JUMORE are offering solutions infused with Chinese wisdom to the governance of world economy. Taking the cooperation between JUMORE and AIFC as an example, JUMORE E-Commerce, as the e-commerce platform that has established cooperation with a majority of countries in the world, will offer AIFC with the premium resources from the 140 countries that are cooperating with JUMORE, and its cooperation with AIFC will facilitate the trade ties and infrastructure connection via capital. The cooperation between the two parties will bring new possibilities for the investment attraction of major projects and high-quality projects for the construction of Kazakhstan and developpment of“Belt & Road”, promote the cooperation between Kazakhstan and China and the world. In the meantime, the two parties will also actively create a multi-level cross-border finance system, create a financial connection for B&R, and serve the construction of B&R by pooling more resources via financial services.
The cooperation between JUMORE and Kazakhstan is not only limited to finance, it also includes multilateral trade, logistics, and transformation and upgrading of industry to conduct further and in-depth cooperation. At the same time, with the help of Kazakhstan, JUMORE will help Belt & Road countries to connect with the purchase orders, abundant raw material resources, including mines, metals, energy, chemical products, an agricultural products of China and the world, to introduce advanced development ideas, and premium service resources for logistics, technology, big data, consulting, and certification of the world via e-commerce, and in this way to help realize the rapid upgrading and transformation.
Kazakhstan has attached great importance to the value of e-commerce. At the end of 2016, with the support from Kazakhstan’s Prime Minister Bakhytzhan Sagintayev, JUMORE and AIFC signed Memorandum on Strategic Cooperation. And afterwards, at the invitation of Prime Minister Sagintayev, JUMORE delegation visited Kazakhstan to promote cooperation. And at the opening ceremony of World Expo 2017 Astana, JUMORE AIFC Pavilion was jointly launched by JUMORE and Kazakhstan. Cooperation projects are implemented one after another. JUMORE’s visit to Kazakhstan this time will further enhance their friendship, upgrade the comprehensive cooperation, and jointly contribute its wisdom and strength to the implementation of the Belt & Road Initiative.
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