Clothes Choosing Tips for Short Men


Men make history and not the other way around. They work hard and live bravely,however, men also required more.  Have responsibity, be kind and be a gentleman. On the othe hand, man should be not out of the fashion and be handsome. If you are one of them and not look that tall, how do you choose your style and look stylish?

Tip 1: Choose a shoe that low constract with your pant.

If you wear a black jeans, choose a denim color casual shoes, avoid to wear a white sneakers or running shoes. Not that visual contract can give people kind of feeling your leg is longer. And also denim trousers are suitable for the black (denim)shoes because these colors are in the same palate.

Clothes Choosing Tips for Short Men

Tip 2: Choose a short that above your knees.

It’s just another season since summer coming. Most of us will choose to wear shorts. If you choose short, get the one that sit above the knee, and show more leg. It can be weekend-perfect washed twill short with elastic waist and functional drawstring

Clothes Choosing Tips for Short Men

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Tip3: Get a suitable shoe which is below the ankle.

May be some of you know that low top shoes can show your ankles, and make your leg look more longer. Not just like high tops or boots that wil shorten your leg.

Clothes Choosing Tips for Short Men

No matter you are tall or a little short, you can find your own style with the tips if wearing choosing, of course, you can also try more ways to change, for example, use some accessories,like socks, hats and scarves that  excellent for adding color, drawing the eyes to your upward and to your face. Just find your own way and own style to show.

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