COMCE Delegation Visited JUMORE to Promote the Innovation Growth of China-Mexico

COMCE Delegation Visited JUMORE to Promote the Innovation Growth of China-Mexico
This year marks the 45th anniversary of the establishment of China-Mexico diplomatic relationship. Two countries keep improving their comprehensive strategic partnership so as to encourage more cooperation achievements to be obtained in the fields of investment, finance, infrastructure, energy, high-tech cooperation, etc. A Mexican delegation consisted of COMCE Asia-Pacific Committee Director, and representatives of Sinaloa and Michoacan state government visited JUMORE on May 22nd, had an in-depth discussion with JUMORE on promoting China-Mexico trade communication and encouraging Mexican companies to participate in JUMORE platform, and reached a series of consensus.
In recent years, China keeps increasing its weight in global trade, and regards countries around the world, including Mexico, as its important trade partner. As of today, China has been the second largest trade partner of Mexico for 14 consecutive years, while Mexico has been the second largest trade partner of China in Latin America for 7 consecutive years. From the perspective of product structure, Mexico is an important economic entity in Latin America and an important mineral export country in the world. It has abundant mineral reserves of energy, metals, and non-metals, i.e. Its silver reserve is in the 1st place in the world, cooper and graphite in the 3rd place. China is the major consumer of commodities, thus offering great space for cooperation between two countries. In the field of manufacturing, Mexico has become the 7th largest manufacturing product exporter in the world, while China, as a country with great manufacturing capability, owns a complete industrial system. Therefore two countries also have great cooperation opportunities in industry chain.
During the conversation, JUMORE Chairman Lu Hongxiang introduced to the Mexican delegation in detail about the cooperation experiences between JUMORE and commerce and industrial associations from other countries, and answered questions of its interest, including insurance mechanism, certification mechanism, transaction volume requirement, and foundation of cooperation funds between JUMORE and other countries.
During the discussion, two parties both agreed that JUMORE, as a complete industry chain cross-border e-commerce platform that serves all service industries, has great space for mutual benefits in its cooperation with Mexico. On one hand, JUMORE can help the premium Mexican products, like mineral products, transportation devices, agricultural products, etc., to connect with the Chinese and global market. On the other hand, the premium mechanical devices, electronic products, household appliances from China can also connect with the great demand of Mexican and Latin American markets. In the meantime, the world-class finance, logistics, big data, and certification services accumulated on JUMROE platform will also offer once-for-all solutions for the development and foreign trade of Mexican companies.
COMCE representatives showed great interest in JUMORE platform, and indicated that they would encourage Mexican companies in the field of agriculture, mineral, to participate in JUMORE Platform and realize all-round cooperation with JUMORE, therefore to help themselves find bigger markets and opportunities. Representatives of Sinaloa and Michoacan state governments also introduced their high-quality products Chairman Lu Hongxiang, respectively, and wished that JUMORE could visit their states to further enhance the bilateral cooperation relationship between China and Mexico. Meanwhile, representatives from BBVA Bancomer also wished to reach cooperation with JUMORE and launch their pavilion on JUMORE platform.
As we can predict, with the in-depth cooperation between JUMORE and Mexico, two parties will find more new fields for cooperation, and further elevate the quality of China-Mexico bilateral trade, and even that of Mexico’s multilateral trade around the world.
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