Cool New Nova Launcher Tips & Tricks 2017 (Google Now Integration)


Nova launcher is super popular among the android users who want to customise and tweak their devices according to their preference and I guess most of you guys will agree. Recently Nova released the latest version of nova launcher that is 5.3 (beta 2) and it brings couple of new features to the table and that’s exactly what I am going to show you guys today.

Excited so let’s get started.

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  • Google Now Integration

The very first feature on our list is that now you have Google now integration on nova launcher. Ya you heard it right, now third-party applications such as Nova Launcher can utilise the API to integrate Google now, and that exactly what the TeslaCoil developers did by creating a companion app called 鈥淣ova Google Companion’ You just have to install this app and once the installation is done, you just have to swipe right to access Google now.

Additionally if you go to the nova settings here you will find a separate tap for Google now, inside that you will find bunch of options like Google now page, edge swipe and transition animation. Personally I like the edge swipe option by enabling which you can swipe in from the edge of any home screen to reveal the Google now page and that’s really awesome.

  • Dot Notifications

The second one on the list is called the Dot notifications which is basically inspired from a latest feature of android O of the same name. Just like their name suggests, Notification Dots are dynamic additions to Android app icons that were designed to notify users when a particular app is updated with new content. Now once you have enable this feature a dot will appear on messaging app icons when you receive a new message just like this and I think its looks kind of cool. You also have the ability to change the position and size of the dots from the setting menu.

Additionally you also have another notification badge style that is called Dynamic badges and this feature was added couple of months ago but still many users are not familiar with this, it basically grabs images from your notifications and attach them in badges to app icons. So, whenever you receive a new notification like a message it results in a badge with the contacts profile picture and I think that’s more useful than simply seeing a number.

  • Rounded Search Bar

Now this update brings number of tweaks and optimizations that are meant to improve the overall performance of Nova Launcher which includes a rounded search bar style. Now when you tap and hold the search here you will find some options click on edit and now you can see that a new rounded search bar style has been added which I think looks really cool, you can select from different layout that’s suits your style.

So guys that’s it for todayhope you guys like and if you want to know about more Nova launcher tips and tricks then I had made a separate video on that.

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