Coolpad’s Cool1 Dual Smartphone Review: All about Camera


Anyway, talking about Coolpad’s cost performance, price is what we need to consider first. I paid the money on June 2nd and got the phone on June 4th after dispatching. The CPU of 652MHz, the volume of 34G and two cameras.

Although people may approve its high cost performance, the names like Cloopad, LeEco and EUI are still unpopular. I know that LeEco’s products are beautifully equipped but still have bad performance. However, before you comment, you need to actually try to use these products instead of merely thinking.

One: The outer appearance

Coolpad’s Cool1 Dual Smartphone Review: All about Camera

The white box with a silver COOL logo looks very cool and simple. The phone is produced in March of 2017. And you can see basic data on the back. On both sides there are clean sealing stickers. If you take the box and shake it, you will hear the shaking sound because the parts are not firmly fixed inside the box, which is a little disappointment. Move the sticker and take the cover off, you can see that on the phone there is a slogan of “cool, everyone should have a phone with two cameras”. That’s pretty cool.

Coolpad’s Cool1 Dual Smartphone Review: All about Camera

These are all of the equipping parts. Maybe it is because the space for the charger is too wide that you can hear the shaking sound. The inner structure of the box is pretty good. The charger that supports the voltage of 5V, the electrical current of 2A. However, its quality is terrible. The data wire is great but the material is very tough. The length of the wire is 1m. The classic USB interface is great. Overall the data wire and the charger is very common and passable for such price. The Type-C interface won’t be plugged in a wrong way.

Coolpad’s Cool1 Dual Smartphone Review: All about Camera

The speaker is on the lower side of the phone so that the sound won’t be disturbed. The button for adjusting the sound and for turning on/off the phone is on one side, and on the other side there is the SIM card slot.

Coolpad’s Cool1 Dual Smartphone Review: All about Camera

On the back you can see the fingerprint detector, two cameras and the double color flashlight. On the top of the phone there is the infrared light and the audio interface of 3.5mm.

Two: Comparison

Let’s use iPhone6 for the comparison.

1. The comparison of outer appearances

Coolpad’s Cool1 Dual Smartphone Review: All about Camera

iPhone of 4.7 inches and Coolpad of 5.5 inches. iPhone6 is thinner. Such thickness is passable for a phone with a battery of 4000mA.

2.The comparison of screens

Coolpad’s Cool1 Dual Smartphone Review: All about Camera

I turn the brightness to the highest level to compare the two screens. iPhone6’s screen looks warmer and Cool1’s screen looks colder. Here the differences are not very obvious. iPhone’s screen is still warmer, but the picture on Cool1 looks more like the original picture.

3.The comparison of taking photos

Coolpad’s Cool1 Dual Smartphone Review: All about Camera

Left(Apple)——Right(Cool1)In these two close shot photos, Apple’s looks more like the real plant.

Coolpad’s Cool1 Dual Smartphone Review: All about Camera

Left(Apple)——Right(Cool1)I used Cool1’s single lens reflex mode to take this picture. It just virtualized the green leaves, but the result is quite satisfying.

Coolpad’s Cool1 Dual Smartphone Review: All about Camera

Left(Apple)——Right(Cool1)Just like what’s said in the advertisements, when Cool1 is under the night mode and the environment is not bright enough, the camera will absorb light three times than that of normal environment.

Three: Usage and performance

1. System

When it comes to use, the first thing we think of is the system.

The EUI system of LeEco has always been complained of, and never has been surpassed. Some said the system comes with various software from LeEco, some said the system is laggy, bloated and not smooth, and others said that the system not updated for a long time, or the icon is not good-looking, or Android 7. 0 is not updated. Anyway, there are various complains, but EUI system is a more well-known rom after all, I do not show too much.

But Coolpad’s own journey UI system seems to fit Android 7.0, and now is doing the alpha test. I hope I have the chance to test it.

2.Picture taking

After the system, let’s talk about the camera. Dual camera is not a joke. Turn on the camera, wow, the functions are various.

As soon as I open the interface, it shows a classic black and white. You are a dual camera, but you don’t have to be so high-profile. Can’t you put it in a button?

Above a row of icons, the first is the flash; the second seems like the kaleidoscope Sharingan is the SLR mode that adjusts the aperture from f0.95-f16 (Fig. 2); the third is HDR; the fourth is camera flip; the fifth is watermark; the sixth is figure three

The next row does not need to say, the above shooting is using the night scene mode, there is a beauty function, and I will show the effect. Appearing on camera is my wife’s shank, with the beauty of 2 levels. The professional mode with adjustable contents such as white balance, sensitivity, exposure compensation, shutter time, focal length, saturation, contrast. The camera has a lot of functions, and also has playability, but everyone has different views on how it takes a picture, so you can define it by yourself.

3.Evaluation performance

When saying about the performance, we need to do an evaluation.

There are a lot of tools to evaluate. I don’t use one by one, just use AnTuTu Benchmark, the one we use commonly, to evaluate. I did the evaluation when the mobile phone temperature of 33.5°C; It is normal temperature. Backstage didn’t open anything. After the evaluation, the temperature is 39°C. The score is 81355. It is good.


Let’s talk about charging, and to be honest, charging is unable to compliment. 4060mAh battery, it takes about two and a half to three hours to charge fully. I can’t believe this big battery don’t have quick charge. I’m not happy!

It started at about 30 percent, and it was charged for more than two hours, and the maximum voltage was only 4.4v.


The screen is from AU Optronics Corp.

6.Game performance

Then I tested the game performance. I did not download many games, so used Arena of Valor: 5v5 Arena Game which has the representativeness to do a simple test.

After one round of Arena of Valor: 5v5 Arena Game, how to say, the frame number maintained around 30, the in team battles, drop frame is not obvious, but maybe GPU hits a bottleneck, I always feel not very good.

Then someone evaluates its CPU by machine, basically maintained in 29 frames to 30 frames, playing also do not laggy, the situation of CPU full load is basically don’t have, also won’t be very laggy. In short, it’s okay

Four: Using feeling

Actually write to here, you may know my meaning. The phone is good and it has high cost performance, which is my article mainly wants to express. If after reading this article, you also approbate the performance price ratio is high too, tip please. It’s almost the end of the month anyway. No matter gives whom, it’s giving, right?


1. The performance price ratio is high. I bought it with 120 USD, and the performance price ratio is really high. It’s cheap after all.

2. Dual camera, the camera function has very high playability.

3. 3 + 32, whether for the elder or to keep it as a backup machine is enough, it is stronger than 16g.

4. 4060 mAh large battery, standby time enough for 1 day.

5. The appearance is good.


1. Charging is too slow, charging is too slow, charging is too slow.

2. Various problems of EUI. (But if there’s a chance to upgrade, then I will experience.).

3. three-segment back cover, obvious protuberance at the joint, bad touch feeling.

4. It can play game, but GPU is easy to reach the bottleneck.

5. The black side, which has always been criticized by everyone, is a bit big indeed

Typing is not easy, please tip more. lol

Author: Linpomah


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