CooLux Q7 smart projector Review


CooLux Q7 smart projector: an Overview

The world is getting smarter with smart technology. Think about the world before 15 years, people were using normal CRT TV and keypad mobile phones. Now just see the world, in every house, you find minimum four smartphones and one smart TV. So with these smart devices, the projectors are not far behind the technology. People are now getting inclined towards smart projectors rather than normal projectors. Why not? If we are getting a powerful projector with better features, then we should opt for smart projectors. Not only better features but also you will get perfect projector experience with the smart projectors.

Recently CooLux has introduced its most popular successor of Q series smart projector as CooLux Q7. This powerful smart projector can give you ultimate theatre experience at your home, and as per the brand name, it is highly capable of giving home theatre experience, even in daytime. Here I am doing the review of the new CooLux Q7 projector. Read the article till the end to know the product and its performance.

Physical overview

CooLux Q7 smart projector Review The advanced projector comes in an attractive white color box with Q series trademark on the front and the backside of the box, you will get specification details. Inside the box, you will get the projector itself, power adaptor, some cable and user manuals. The great thing is that you will get a tripod with this projector.

CooLux Q7 smart projector Review The smart projector is very small in size, and you can hold it just on your palm. This is so small that, you can take it when you are traveling. This projector is of dimension 105mm x 105mm x 25mm. It is slightly greater than our normal smartphones size. It is also very lightweight, and you can easily carry it in your pocket.

CooLux Q7 smart projector Review Looking at the projector on the left of the front side you can find the lens, and on the right side, there is heat exhaustion. The fan is integrated with the heat exhaustion, and it works with sensor technology according to the heat. I like this heat exhaustion technology on this projector as the fan rotation speed is very smooth. Also, the projector comes with thermal noise reducer. That’s why you won’t get noise, and it won’t affect your entertainment.

CooLux Q7 smart projector Review Keys: Navigation key, One power key is for on/off key; two keys are there for setting up the focus of images on the screen.

CooLux Q7 smart projector Review On the backside of the projector, you will get four types of ports. One DC power port is there to charge your projector, and you will get one HDMI port, one USB port and one 3.5 mm audio output jack.


As this is a portable projector, you may miss some features as of regular projectors, but here you will get some additional smart features to fulfill most of your needs.

The adaptor of CooLux Q7 is of 3A rating. This time CooLux has done good work in picture quality. The brightness and clarity of Q7 are 200% more than its previous version Q6. Q7 has unveiled 130 ANSI lumens of luminous intensity. The 130 ANSI lumens may not be good for someone, who is using high lumens projector. But look at its size and pretty portable and with this tiny projector this much lumens is enough to have clear images. The projector supports the projection of 1080p images with a native resolution of 480p.

The smart projector is featured with 0.9 short-throw projection ratio and can project 54 inches image from a one-meter distance. You can enjoy the excellent zooming facility with autofocus feature. The smart projector is powered by 5000 mAh non-removable battery. It has internal memory of 32 GB eMMC, which can read data very fast. This smart projector has 1 GB DDR3 RAM, which is a little bit upsetting as in 2018 CooLux is still giving DDR3 RAM. Q7 runs on Cool customized OS on Android. The smart projector is capable of browsing files and videos from the internet. What’s more, you expect from it? The Q7 smart projector supports Galaxy TV and iQiyi. You can click on your favorite video and enjoy it on the big screen.

On the main interface, click the right click and brow your favorite games, videos, and applications on the App Store. This smart projector is also ideal for the office use. You can search apps for office use and enjoy it. When you click on all apps, you can see all installed apps on your projector. Use HDMI port to connect your PC or Laptop. Through wireless HDMI adapter, you can connect your smartphones to this smart projector, and you can play your mobile games on big screen. Through screen setting, you can change brightness, contrast, and temperature of the picture.


CooLux Q7 is a portable smart projector. Although it has 130 ANSI lumens of luminous intensity, from the picture you can see, it has managed to generate quite good quality picture due to its compact size. Yeah, you cannot expect very big size picture from it. But you can get the best experience in picture quality in a dark room. For the best result use the white wall as your screen, so that its color scheme can adapt easily. But, you can use other light color walls as your screen for this projector without any issues.

CooLux Q7 smart projector Review CooLux Q7 smart projector is featured with Texas Instrument’s advanced TRP technology. This is one of the best technology for LED transient modulation and dynamic gamma correction. For this technology, this projector can generate images far beyond than other projectors of its range. From these pics, you can see the sharpness, clarity, brightness, and contrast of the picture. In this budget, this smart projector is very much capable of generating good quality pictures.

CooLux Q7 smart projector Review The projector is not noisy. It shows one of the reasons for a smart projector. Its fan speed control for heat exhaustion is so well operated, it didn’t create any disturbances on my time of operation. The apps are also very user-friendly. You can have easy access to the apps, and as a smart processor, I didn’t feel any software or hardware issues till now.

I have used this new CooLus Q7 projector for my office use. I have pretty good experience in showing PPT and Excel files.

Pros and Cons

Actually, in this new edition of Q series CooLux has done a tremendous job and concerning budget segment, I got so many pros and very fewer cons, whatever let me discuss all pointwise with you.


  1. This smart projector is a portable one. With the lightweight, it is slightly bigger than smartphones.
  2. The projector has a good power back up capability with 5000 mAh battery.
  3. With advanced heat exhaustion technology, the projector performs smooth and soundless.
  4. You can browse your favorite contents from the internet directly via this smart projector.
  5. The projector works fine for official use as well as home entertainment use.


  1. Those who are always enjoying high-resolution projectors, they may not like this as it has 130 ANSI lumens.
  2. In 2018, DDR3 RAM is not good.
  3. The smart projector cannot perform well in the daytime as night time.
  4. CooLux Q7 doesn’t have any internal speaker.

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Conclusion: CooLux Q7 Smart Projector

CooLux is a leading smart projector maker in Chine. Its recently launched Q7 is packed with lots of features. The main attraction is its size and weight. This projector is very good for dual purpose official use as well as home entertainment. In this budget segment, you will get very high resolution from other brands portable smart projectors. You can do anything, whatever you do with your smartphones. So now it’s up to you.

I hope the concepts mentioned above about the projector must be beneficial for you. For this kind of good concepts and projector reviews, always stay on our website.

CooLux Q7 smart projector Review
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