Costa Rican Minister of Foreign Trade Visits JUMORE


Mr. Alexander Mora, Minister of Foreign Trade of Costa Rica, and Patricia Rodriguez, Ambassador of Costa Rica in China visited JUMORE on August 15th. Two parties had discussion on conducting in-depth China-Costa Rica cross-border cooperation, upgrading the functions of JUMORE Costa Rica Pavilion, and better serving the exportation of Costa Rican agricultural products through JUMORE platform. 2017 marks the 10th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Costa Rica. Both parties wish to take advantage of such an opportunity to upgrade the contents of bilateral cooperation, and to further deepen the bilateral cooperation.

Costa Rican Minister of Foreign Trade Visits JUMORE (Delegation of Costa Rican Minister of Foreign Trade visits JUMORE to deepen cooperation)

The Costa Rican delegation speaks highly of the JUMORE model, and has maintained close cooperative relationship with JUMORE. In 2016, Costa Rica signed strategic cooperation agreement with JUMORE, and successfully launched Costa Rica Pavilion on JUMORE platform, and thus brought more opportunities for diversified and deep-level economic cooperation between China and Costa Rica.

During the meeting, Ambassador Alexander Mora placed more expectations on the cooperation between JUMORE and Costa Rica. He expressed his wish that, more Chinese merchandise needed by Costa Rica can be imported into the country and more Costa Rican goods can go to the world via JUMORE platform, thus boost the growth of bilateral and multilateral growth of Chinese and Costa Rican trade. Furthermore, he also wished that Costa Rica can further expand its cooperation with JUMORE platform in investment attraction, e-commerce development, and talent exchange.

It is reported that, Mr. Alexander Mora is also the Chairman of WTO E-Commerce Department, and has been dedicated to the promotion of e-commerce development under WTO framework. He is highly positive about the development of JUMORE, and expect JUMORE Chairman to visit Latin American to carry out further communication and enable more Latin American countries and companies to benefit from the development boosted by cross-border e-commerce.

During the conversation, Mr. Alexander Mora cordially invited JUMORE to establish a sub-company in Latin America, and make the most of the resources of Costa Rica and Latin America. He indicated that Costa Rica has its advantages in innovative and high-tech fields, and is also expanding its ports in the Caribbean Sea region. Its cargo handling capacity will be five-fold that of now and will become the largest port in the Caribbean region.

China and Latin America are highly complementary to each other on the economic front, rendering great potential for bilateral cooperation. With the successful advancement of China-Costa Rica Free Trade Agreement, China-Costa Rica trade also blooms. Various kinds of Costa Rican food has obtained import permits from China. Industrial products, such as electronics and electrical products, metal and machinery products, textile products, and pharmaceutical devices are also already launched in Chinese market. In the meantime, “Made in China” has also won reputation in Costa Rica and Latin America. Mechanical and electrical products, transportation tools, steel, and cotton and textile products of China have already entered Latin American countries. According to statistics, Costa Rica is now exporting more than 4500 categories of products, and importing 7000 categories. Taking advantage of the corporate and service resources from 150 countries around the world on JUMORE platform, Costa Rica and other countries can connect with the well-established industrial system, strong production capability, and enormous market of China, which will enable Costa Rica to connect with the business opportunities of China and establish cooperation with countries around the world. Meanwhile, JUMORE will also serve as the bridge that connects the cooperation between China and Latin America. As a regional platform, it will on the one hand, help Latin American countries to better understand China and Chinese companies, and on the other hand help Chinese merchandise to enter the markets of other Latin American countries .

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