Cuba Delegation Visits JUMORE to Boost Cooperation

Cuba Delegation Visits JUMORE to Boost Cooperation
Promoting the economic upgrading and transformation of via e-commerce has been recognized by most countries. Take Cuba, for example, has given top priority to the development of e-commerce in its trade development. It wishes to realize the structural adjustment of industries and the change of economic development modes via newly emerging e-commerce means.
Led by Embassy of Cuba to China, chairman of OSDE CAUDAL S.A. and delegates from CORATUR, a company affiliated to Ministry of Foreign Trade and Investment of Cuba (MINCEX) visited JUMORE on July 4th. During the visit, two parties had in-depth discussions on deepening the cooperation between China and Caribbean Sea countries, promoting China-Cuba trade via e-commerce, and realizing the innovation and upgrading of Cuban industries.
During the visit, JUMORE Chairman Lu Hongxiang introduced to Cuban delegates its ideas and business model, and the latest achievements it obtained in international cooperation. And two parties had discussions on how to make good use of JUMORE Platform for the promotion of foreign trade in Cuba and improving services for Cuban companies after they launched on the platform.
OSDE Caudal S.A., dedicating to insurance and finance services, is an important OSDE (Organización Superior de Dirección Empresarial, or Superior Business Management Organization) organization of great influence in Cuba and the world. The business scope of OSDE Caudal S.A. covers insurance, finance, corporate affairs, commercial inspection, investment consulting, and engineering services around the world. Its chairman expressed his wish that, through cooperation with JUMORE, OSDE Caudal S.A. would help its member companies export their services to Chinese and global market.
Coratur S.A., affiliated to GECOMEX Group and, is a company specializing in offering services for China-Cuba trade. Delegates from CORATUR S.A. mentioned that, Cuba is an important trade partner of China. They believed that the cooperation with JUMORE would further expand the trade ties with Cuba.
It is known that, Cuba, the first Latin American country that established diplomatic relations with China, is also an important supporter and promoter of China-Latin America Forum. In recent years, the .two countries have maintained frequent high-level interactions, and trade ties is consistently being upgraded. In Cuba, articles from soap, rice cookers, bicycles, laundry machines, refrigerators, automobiles, to buses, “Hecho en China” mark can be observed almost everywhere. As of now, China is the second largest trade partner of Cuba, and Cuba is the largest trade partner of China in the Caribbean area.
As an E4B e-commerce platform whose business scope covers the whole industry chain, and comprehensive services, JUMORE is accelerating the process of connecting Cuba to the international trade system. The establishment of JUMORE Cuba Pavilion, online and offline cooperation matching services provided by JUMORE for Cuban companies, and the cooperative interactions between two parties at the Ambassadors’ Forum for Latin America and Caribbean Sea, such events all mark the close cooperation between JUMORE and Cuba. Cuba, abundant in nickel, cobalt, manganese, chromium, iron, copper, and petroleum resources, can give its resources and other premium products channels to quickly enter the Chinese and global market. On the other hand, Cuba is an important country for the Belt & Road Initiative. China and Cuba share great space for cooperation in the infrastructure construction of airports, ports, piers, highways, telecommunication, hotels, and tourism facilities.
Besides, Cuba is also updating its economic and social development modes. The outstanding service resources accumulated on JUMORE platform can help Cuba to better learn from China its successful experiences in deepening the reform, developing the economy, and attracting foreign investment. It is fair to say that the cooperation between two parties can balance each other in the export and import demands, complement each other with advantages, benefit both parties, and inject great energy to the economic development of China and Cuba.
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