DBPOWER RD-819 3200 Lumens Projector Review


As you know, MyFirstProjector is a platform that seeks to bring to you, the best, the most affordable and all sorts of projectors out there in the saturated world of tech appliances and consumer electronics. It is in this light that we will be highlighting the latest projector from DBPOWER, the DBPOWER RD-819 projector.

The DBPOWER RD-819 Projector is a 3200 Lumens LCD projector by DBPOWER, a UK company which has its focus on the production of state of the art RC Drones, car appliances, DVD players, computers and projectors that conforms with the industry’s latest tech and trend while also keeping affordability in check. The company has been in the projector production game for some time and judging from previous products (like DBPower GP15 Mini , DBPower T21 , and DBPower RD-810 ) from the past, it is obvious that the company knows its onion. The DBPower RD-819 is a portable projector, suitable for use as a multimedia home theater projector, or for use in a workspace.

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DBPOWER RD-819 3200 Lumens Projector Review

Available in only white color, the DBPower RD-819 Projector comes in a solidly built plastic body. The product is rectangular in shape and durable, but a bit big, bulky and maybe a bit of a burden moving the projector around. The RD-819 has a dimension of 9.25 x 12.01 x 4.21 in and weighs 8.62 lbs (3.9kg).

Upon examination of the DBPower RD-819’s body, you would notice that the projector comes with enough grills/splits/ opening for cooling. If you are familiar with projectors, or any electronics, you would agree that the importance of heat dissipation cannot be overemphasized. A top-notch cooling mechanism ensures efficient functioning of the projector and will, in the long run, ensure durability and longevity in usage.

Lens and Keystone correction

DBPOWER RD-819 3200 Lumens Projector Review

Up front, the wide lens is placed on the left-hand side. At the top, the rotating lens focusing knob and keystone correction knob are aligned with the position of the lens. On the hind rear, a couple of operational and control keypads are embedded. As an alternative to these keys, the DBPower RD-819 Projector ships with a remote control for even easier and more convenient control.

DBPOWER RD-819 3200 Lumens Projector Review

As it is with the majority of projectors, the audio, video, and power ports are all located on the rear of the DBPower RD-819. From left to right, the port configurations are as follows: power cable port, a single VGA port, dual USB ports, dual HDMI ports, an audio output port (otherwise 3.5mm headphone jack) and an AV port. I should also mention that the RD-819 comes with 2 speaker grills; one on the right, one on the left. With this, not only will you get the best visual experience, audio goodness is also guaranteed.

I think it’s best I mention now that the type of power switch on this projector is quite old school and primitive — unlike the click-type power button on many modern projectors.

Overall, DBPower did good work in terms of designing this projector. Design wise, this is not the best projector from the company, but this qualifies to be scored a little bit above average. a 6.5 out of a 10 may be.


DBPOWER RD-819 3200 Lumens Projector Review

Many shoppers who seek to buy a projector most often look out for those that will do justice to image & color reproduction (up to 1080P). In addition, brightness is another factor considered. The DBPower RD-819 is a projector powered by a 5-piece glass under a LED light source as bright as 3200 Lumens. This high brightness solves the problem of having to switch off the lights during the day to get the best visual. With DBPower RD-819, visual is independent of the environment’s light condition.

Projection ration and projection distance are 16: 9/4: 3 and 1-5m respectively. Though projection could be as far 5 meters, DBPower states that 3 meters are optimum. To give the truly big screen experience, projection display size ranges from a minimum of 50-inches to 200-inch (similar to the Cheerlux CL760 and Alfawise X 3200 HD projectors).

Multimedia & Connectivity

The DBPower RD-819 supports most popular audio, video, and image formats but, quite sadly, does not come with support for Bluetooth nor WiFi connectivity. However, via the HDMI and USB ports, you can connect it up to your TV, computer, smart box, VCD/DVD player and much more.

Lamp life

Despite having very bright lumens, the RD-819’s LED can provide non-stop projection up to 50,000 hours before the need to replace it arises. That’s about 6-year lifespan.

Price and Availability

At the moment, the DBPower RD-819 Projector is available on Amazon and can be purchased at a $239.99 price point. That’s a bit pricey, given the features of this projector. However, the product can be purchased for $199.99 on Amazon using this coupon KE86E8UW. Hurry though, the coupon offer for this product expires April 30, 2018.


  • 50,000 hours lamp life
  • Average projection distance
  • Good picture and sound quality
  • Good value for money
  • Numerous heat dissipation outlet
  • Bright 3200 Lumens display


  • No Bluetooth support
  • No WiFi support
  • According to user reviews, the fan could get a bit loud/noisy after prolong use
  • No RAM
  • No built-in storage
  • Heavy and bit bulky

Buy the DBPower RD-819 320 Lumens 1080P Projector on Amazon

What do you think about the DBPower RD-819 Projector? Have you seen a better or cheaper alternative? Do let us know in the comment. While you do that, you can watch the DBPower RD-819 Projector review and test video below.

DBPOWER RD-819 3200 Lumens Projector Review
8.3Overall Score
Lens and Display8.6
Lamp Life8.1
Cost Effectiveness8.9
Availability 7.6
Reader Rating 1 Vote