DIY: Geometric Boutonniere


DIY: Geometric Boutonniere

Did you catch the rad geometric boutonniere the groom was wearing from our Colorful Geometric shoot we shared earlier today? Well this afternoon we are sharing how to make one! There are two parts to this DIY – the paper gem, and the flower boutonniere, but don’t let that fool you! This DIY is totally easy and packs a punch for an awesome boutonniere for your guy (or all the groomsmen, too)! Thanks to The Study for the gem DIY, Blum Floral Design for the florals + bout and Catalina Jean Photography for the photos!

DIY: Geometric Boutonniere

What You’ll Need:
• Scissors
• Ruler
• Craft Knife
• Bone Folder
• Glue
• Floral Tape
• 1/4’’ Ribbon
• Boutonniere Pins
• Paper Gem Template
• Your choice of colored paper (we recommend a scrapbook paper-type for sturdiness)

DIY: Geometric Boutonniere

Flowers Used in this DIY (from left to right): Rosemary, Billie Balls, Fresh Lavender

*Note: These flower choices were based upon the shoot aesthetic, but we think any type of flower will work. A medium focal flower, along with two fillers is ideal!

DIY: Geometric Boutonniere

Step 1: Print and trim gem template. Mount template to decorative paper using removable tape.

Step 2: Cut along the solid outside lines using either scissors or a craft knife.

Step 3: Using the bone folder (or back of a butterknife!) and ruler, score along the dashed lines, then remove the template.

Step 4: Fold along the scored lines.

DIY: Geometric Boutonniere

Tip: Using a scrap piece of paper, cut out a rectangle to create a paper glue brush. It’s nice for applying just the right amount of glue!

DIY: Geometric Boutonniere

Step 5: Starting with either the top or the bottom of the gem, attach the center tab to create an endcap and repeat on the opposite side.

Step 6: Attach the center piece tabs to the top and the bottom endcaps, making sure to begin where the center attaches to the endcaps, and leave the last tab unglued on the top and bottom.

Step 7: Put glue on the final three tabs. Tuck, close and hold until the tabs stay in place.

Step 8: The gem is complete!

Now for the flower boutonniere part…

DIY: Geometric Boutonniere

Step 9: After selecting your materials clean any extra leaves off of the stems to create a thin, smooth boutonniere. Arrange the floral materials in your hand to create a tiny bouquet that will eventually make up the boutonniere.

Step 10: Beginning at the base of the flowers start wrapping with the floral tape. Remember to pull the tape as you twist so that it becomes sticky.

Step 11: Wrap all the way down…

Step 12: Trim boutonniere stems to a length you like. I usually leave mine about 1.5- 2″ long.

DIY: Geometric Boutonniere

Step 13: To cover up the floral tape we’re going to wrap the stem in ribbon. Start at the bottom and fold the ribbon over end of the boutonniere stem.

Step 14: Fold the ribbon at a 45′ angle and begin wrapping the stem. Wrap all the way to the top.

Step 15: Once you reach the base of the flowers pull the end of the ribbon through a loop and pull tight. The stickiness of the tape will help the ribbon to stay in place. Trim the extra ribbon tail. For most cases this would create a completed boutonniere but the paper gem still needs to be added.

Step 16: Use a sturdy, clear tape to attach the “gem” to the stem of the boutonniere on the back.  Simply tape together. If the tape does not stick (can happen on “slick” paper) you can also punch a few holes in the gem and tie onto the boutonniere. All done! Add two boutonniere pins to use.

DIY: Geometric Boutonniere

DIY: Geometric Boutonniere

Pretty fun, right? If you’re planning a modern wedding we think this bout is pretty perfect!

If you make your own geometric boutonniere, we’d love to see how it turns out, so please share on Instagram along with the hashtag #GreenWeddingShoesDIY

Thanks so much to Catalina Jean Photography for the photos.

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