Four cute puppy costumes designed to turn eyes


Yes, yes, we know.. this is an extremely self indulgent post…but if you are feeling the love for your pooch or just feel like dropping some moolah to make your little pupper look like a million bucks, say no more! Here is our pick for the best four costumes guaranteed to make your pup the most fashionable in town!

1. Pet Life Military Wool Coat

Is your pupper a little warrior? Does he make you feel safe no matter his size? Growl at even the most friendly strangers? Look no more! Invest in the Pet Life Military Wool Coat to dress your pupperino like the army man he is! Flaunt his personality with this wool coat that serves the additional purpose of keeping your little pet warm and toasty. Buy it here for $32.99 from Pet Smart.

(Pro tip: Shop for over $49 here and get free delivery)

Four cute puppy costumes designed to turn eyes

2. California Costumes Stegosaurus Dinosaur Dog Costume

A sure shot way of making your pet an instant Instagram sensation while you are broke is to dress them in this adore worthy Stegosaurus costume.  Priced at a throwaway $5.99, this is a must have for those funky pictures or that animal parade that you’ll cherish forever! This head turning pet costume is an officially-licensed product of Animal Planet and is made entirely from Polyester. We do not recommend long term an prolonged usage of this costume due to the varying conditions of the fur that your pet may have. Buy it here on Chewy.

3. Star Wars Ewok Dog Costume

This licensed Star Wars costume is likely to make your dear pet the talk of the town when dressed in this costume by combining animal lovers and star war fans together in adoration of your pupper. Made from 100% polyester (hand wash with cold water only) with a bodysuit and a hoodie, The velour and fleece two-toned bodysuit goes on easily and without fuss to secure through a  quick touch fastener at the chest. The look is completed with the roomy hood (for our large headed pups) that also features a drawstring opening for a custom around for your pet’s face. Remember to not pull it too tight – they are likely to scratch it out and not just ruin the costume but also become more irritable as you attempt to show them off. Buy this here for $16.50 at a 40% discount from Baxter Boo.

(Pro tip: Remember to check for the various schemes and discounts on the Baxter Boo website before you buy. For instance, they offer a 20% discount on signing up and if the size you are looking for is not available immediately, they often give an additional 10% off if you agree to wait)

4. FOMATE Trump Wig and Tie:

Does your boo make a habit of running his mouth? Taking up all of the blanket? Make googly eyes at you after doing something very obviously wrong? Or better still, pretend that he did not just rip apart your pillow cushion set? Well then its time to dress him the way he talks! Buy this Trump hair and suit set for a measly $9.99  on Amazon and make a political statement without ever saying a word. Add that to the fact that you poochie will not hate this outfit even if it is worn for a prolonged time; is zero fuss and will not require careful after buy care, and this is by far the best way to look like you care with minimal effort where you do not have to worry about sizes either! Do note that the tie is elastic roundabout and can be attached with the provided velcro. Buy it here on Amazon for $9.99.Four cute puppy costumes designed to turn eyes

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