How To Get Started Buying Wholesale, Amazon FBA Plus Alibaba Equals Huge Profits. This process works great if you do the process right. In this video I talk about using to buy wholesale or private label products and sell them on amazon fba or other e commerce platforms.

The Complete Guide to Sourcing Products on Alibaba | Part 2 How to Buy Products + 6 Important Rules

In Part 2 of the complete guide to sourcing products on Alibaba you’ll learn how to search for products and connect with suppliers. But before you start using Alibaba, you should understand the following rules

(1) Form long term relationships with suppliers
(2) Numbers on Alibaba don’t mean anything
(3) Never place a large order before seeing samples
(4) Always negotiate!
(5) Don’t waste time with suppliers, go straight to the manufacturer
(6) Keep records of everything

== How to start =====
(1) To start with Alibaba, go to and create an account.
(2) Search for a product

(3) Review the product specs. The FOB is the price/unit of the product. MOQ is the minimum order quantity which is the minimum number of pcs you must order from the suppliers

(4) But remember don’t mean anything, so take these figures with a grain of salt

(5) Initiate a chat session with supplier or send them a message

(6) Negotiate directly with the supplier. Order small quantities before placing a large order!.

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