Give You A Cool Summer: Haier Cooling Capacity Portable Air Conditioner


Air condition now become an important part of our living, especially during hot days in summer, most of families keep in mind the change of weather and have a plan to buy one. Now let’s introduce Haier portable air conditioner. If you just have an idea of buying one, may be you can take this article as reference.

The most important function of air conditioner is cool the room as fast as possible. With up to 8,000 BTU(A unit of heat equal to the amount of heat required to raise one pound of water one degree Fahrenheit at one atmosphere pressure; equivalent to 251.997 calories). Maybe it’s a little bit hard for you to understand, in other words, that means it can be cool the room efficiently and quickly. It’s very strong enough to cool nearly 200 square feet of space.

If you think the temperature in this room is cool enough, then there are 3 cooling fan speed for you to adjust, no need to worry catch a cold. You can modify the temperature as your favorite one. Worry about what if you fall asleep? That’s also ok, there is timer program, just set up the timer and it will be turn it off at any time between 1 hour to 24 hours. All these things you just need to take the remote up, and everything will be under your control. This remote is full function. Very convenient for you.

Give You A Cool Summer: Haier Cooling Capacity Portable Air Conditioner

When you want to control the air conditioner, there is another way — the intuitive control panel, the air conditioner features a control panel, all things can be easily operated, all function can be easily accessible. It has an easy to read LCD display shows the current temperature for you to adjust it at most comfortable feeling.

Give You A Cool Summer: Haier Cooling Capacity Portable Air Conditioner

Sometimes when you want to move it to another room, no worries, it has casters and let you effortlessly push it from one room to another. What’s more, if the air conditioner power is restored, no need to power up after failure, it will auto restart.

So, you already know this air conditioner, if you want, no more wait. It’s time to prepare for summer!

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