Google Home Mini User Guide: Great Design & Sound Quality


Google smart speaker which was launched in 2016 and soon became the best voice controlled devices. To match Amazon’s intriguing lineup Google has launched two different sized speakers, Google Home Max and Home Mini. Google Home Mini has a upper hand when compared with Amazon Echo Dot (which is similar in price and size). It is better looking as well as perfectly crafted as a speaker and digital assistant.


Google Home Mini User Guide: Great Design & Sound Quality

The box of Google Mini is pretty compact and is easy to carry. As soon as you open the box, the first thing that pops up is Google Mini itself. This Google Mini is available in three colors-grey, black and coral. You can find a differently designed USB cable in the box with a quick guide.

Design and Features

Google Home Mini User Guide: Great Design & Sound Quality

The shape of the speaker is similar to inverted dome with mesh on top and plastic in the bottom and resembles a hockey puck. At the bottom of the speaker, an USB port is present. Below the mesh, you can find four LED lights which shows the status of the speaker. The bottom part is made of grippy silicon which stays put when you place in on any hard surface and is resistant to any sliding or fingerprints. The speaker just sits in the hand like a pebble without any worry. You have to touch on left or right sides to control the volume.


Google Home Mini User Guide: Great Design & Sound Quality

Google Home Mini became affordable but it didn’t compromise on the quality anywhere. The voice recognition works impeccable as it does before. As of now you can place a call for free of cost in US and this feature is going to reach UK very soon. You can stream music 0through You Tube Music, iHeartRadio, Pandora and many more. Once the speaker is setup

it is easy for you to listen music with the help of it. The device works perfectly even when it is connected with a crowd of other cast enabled services. It is the perfect personal assistant that helps in your everyday activities. It can work with various android devices without any glitches as all the latest android devices are powered with Google Assistant pairing it with Google Mini Home gives you the best experience.

Google Home Mini User Guide: Great Design & Sound Quality


  • Attractive Design

  • Great Audio Quality

  • Affordable Price

  • Perfectly Answers the Questions when compared to other voice controlled devices and apps

  • It is able to recognize different voices


  • Lacks some skills that are present in Amazon Echo

  • Absence of built-in screen

  • Unable to send or receive mails or messages

  • Availability and Price

  • Google Home Mini is available on Google store where you can buy it for $ 49.

  • This is one of the best voice controlled devices present in the market.

  • With attractive design, compact design and affordable price it has become a must buy.

  • If you are a Google lover and want Google devices around you, then you shouldn’t miss this one.


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