Goovis G1 3D Theater VR Headset Review: High Resolution and Comfortable



In my house, TV is for elder families to watch soap operas, so when it comes to my turn to watch, it is often late at night. In order to avoid bothering them, I choose not to use TV or projector. Therefore, I choose to the devices that can keep the picture only in front of my eyes.

(Okay, to be honest, I am so poor that don’t have an exclusive room.)

A description from Wikipedia:

A typical HMD has one or two small displays, with lenses and semi-transparent mirrors embedded in eyeglasses (also termed data glasses), a visor, or a helmet. The display units are miniaturised and may include cathode ray tubes (CRT), liquid crystal displays (LCDs), liquid crystal on silicon (L Cos), or organic light-emitting diodes (OLED). Some vendors employ multiple micro-displays to increase total resolution and field of view .

HMDs differ in whether they can display only computer-generated imagery (CGI), or only live imagery from the physical world, or a combination. Most HMDs can display only a computer-generated image, sometimes referred to as a virtual image. Some HMDs can allow a CGI to be superimposed on a real-world view. This is sometimes referred to as augmented reality or mixed reality . Combining real-world view with CGI can be done by projecting the CGI through a partially reflective mirror and viewing the real world directly. This method is often called optical see-through. Combining real-world view with CGI can also be done electronically by accepting video from a camera and mixing it electronically with CGI. This method is often called video see-through.

Hum, this is exactly what I need.

Reasons for purchase:

Actually, we have a Storm Mirror at home that I bought years ago and have left it buried under dust for a long time. I dug it out and used it to watch videos for a little while, then I totally gave up. The granular sensation makes the whole picture terrifically bad. The screen moves from one side to the other while watching so I have to adjust it time and time again, I blame which for the unoptimized software.

Additionally, after my friend recommended the Sony HMZ-T3W time and time again, I made up my mind to get some similar devices. But the manufacture of Sony products had been shut down, I have got to find another way to get a device.

The first option emerging in my mind is HiSpot H2, since which the door to the world of Head Mount Displays has opened up to me.

After that, the first thing I did was to look through this website to find some essays about this kind of products, and then I found that: There is no such essays at all!!

Therefore, I can only search for all kinds of products of this type on the Internet. I want to read some test reviews about this, but what I saw was only some identical formal essays, which really disappointed me a lot. I have seen some fragments on a comment website, but they are kind of useless. And I can only rely on myself.

I started wandering around and experiencing some devices, among which I compare the HiSpot H2, HiSpot Hugescreen, Sony HMZ-T3W and Goovis with one another. After three months of comparing, I finally made my decision on Goovis.

Then I found that Goovis costs USD 676. My heart almost stopped beating. I mean, this is like a blood-drawing. So I just set up a price reminder to remind me of the price when it goes under USD553. Hum… the reminder never got a chance to work. And at the same time, I visited another website, to find that even the price of the second-hand devices is nearly USD 615. I just left it alone.

By the way, here is the reasons why I didn’t choose the other products:

First one is the HiSpot H2, which is the most similar to Goovis. It was one of my options, but after I experienced and found: To be honest, it is very uncomfortable to wear. The outside light will leak in if you don’t put the sponge under the blinder. And the outer ring is made of rubber-like tablets, which is very uncomfortable on face. As for the whole picture, it is good. Someone said on the Internet that the picture on the four edges of HiSpot H2 is very unclear, which I didn’t feel so much when I experienced it myself. After using the sponge, the light doesn’t leak in so much, but the edges of the screen are sheltered, too. According to what I mentioned before, the price of 3999RMB is unreasonable and I put it at the bottom of my list.

Second one is HiSpot Hugescreen. I will give two words to it: heavy and big! The manufacturer claims that it has 4K picture quality, which I can’t feel at all. Its price is very attempting, but the single-eye degree adjustment doesn’t work. Moreover, it is a VR glasses.

And the third one is the Sony HMZ-T3W, which had already been halted several years ago. On the market, you can only get second-hand versions, which are not cheap at all. Most importantly, its granular sensation on picture can be really bothering, and it does not support the single-eye degree adjustment.

Before the Double-eleven Carnival started, I visited an online shopping website, and I found that its price went down by 600RMB! I knew that I must buy it at that very moment. Two days later, I returned to JD and found that the price was 3799RMB. With the ticket of 3000-211, I can buy it at the price of 3588RMB. Fine, I knew I will make myself broke. After many times of rethinking, I still couldn’t persuade myself not to buy it. So I asked my “boss” for permission. She blamed me for this but in the end, agreed with me. And… I got my hands cut.

This is such a “treasure”, of which the price has never gone down since my first glimpse at it. With the discount ticket, I got it at a very low price, which saved me a lot of dough.

The display of appearance

Goovis G1 3D Theater VR Headset Review: High Resolution and Comfortable

I took a business trip right on the next day I ordered it. And on the train, I got a massage saying that my device has arrived. What a shock! But I can only turned to my “boss” for help coz I just left home.

I didn’t touch my “treasure” until I came back, and it has been torturing me in the months of my business trip, so I just unpacked it and took photos. I told my wife not to open the box when I told her to take back it, but I found that she did when I wan home. This is a fake unpacking, but I promise that the package was untouched before. Hum… my box was unpacked by someone else.

The objects inside the box are still fresh, and the plastic bag still smells like fresh ink oil. (Forgive my exaggeration.)  Open the box, there is a layer of film. You know. Original!

Goovis G1 3D Theater VR Headset Review: High Resolution and Comfortable

The box with the device inside is under the film, beside is accessories covered by sponge. The accessories included are charger, USB cable, HDMI frog, no-reading series and cleaning cloth.

Open the box, you can see the glassed, mainframe and headband.

Enjoy your vision

Goovis G1 3D Theater VR Headset Review: High Resolution and Comfortable

The glasses.

Goovis G1 3D Theater VR Headset Review: High Resolution and Comfortable

The body of mainframe, the iPhone7 on the left.

Goovis G1 3D Theater VR Headset Review: High Resolution and Comfortable

The bottom of the mainframe is just a HDMI connector, and the top is a USB connector and charger. The voice button, power button, TF card seat and power light are on the both sides of the mainframe. Forgive me for not featuring these parts.

Let us have a look on the glasses, the HDMI wire on the right is not demountable, and the 3.5 connector on the left is a connector to earphone. On some website, this product is with earphones, mobile DH, USB cables and gamepads as free presents. But for me, low price means everything.

Goovis G1 3D Theater VR Headset Review: High Resolution and Comfortable

Turn it upside down, you can see the switchover between 2D/3D, Interpupillary distance adjustor, Single degree adjuster, Brightness adjustment button, riser vent and head band. The ring over there is an Adjustable knob, press down the square button and the ring button will bounce up.

Goovis G1 3D Theater VR Headset Review: High Resolution and Comfortable

The combination of the band and glasses

Using feelings

There is only one word to describe the feelings of watching videos with these glasses on—big. Just like sitting in the theater. It supports two formats like side-by-side and top-and-bottom. The 3-D movies feel better on it. I have watched the Transformers via it, which is even better than in the theater. The picture is brighter coz the two screens on both sides work together, instead of polarizer decreasing light.

Sorry that I still have no idea about how to cut the picture on the screen.

If you like watching videos on phones, you can install a reflecting software to reflect the phone screen on the displayer, which is just like using a phone screen in a theater. So cool.

I finally know something about the advantages and disadvantages of it after so much close experience. Generally speaking, it has both of them, but some shortcomings can be really bothering.


Good picture quality, big screen and high definition.

  1. It is so light that it won’t make your neck sore, especially when you lie in bed, it makes you very comfortable.

  2. It is so easy to carry with that you can put it into you pocket when watch videos on it anytime you want. Coz the whole device is an eye-shaped mainframe.

  3. It lasts for a long time. I have watched three films with it and the electricity doesn’t run out. The lasting time is longer than the official data.

  4. It has its own APP Store so you can install any APPs you like. For example, I installed Milky Way Iqiyi (an official present) and Kodi to play locative videos.

  5. It supports the single degree adjustment. My wife can watch videos on it without glasses even her eye sight is 600 degrees.

  6. Compared to phones, its turning-on speed is faster. You only need like 10 seconds to enter the system.

  7. The light won’t leak out, so you don’t have to worry that the light from your video screen will bother your family.

  8. It doesn’t trouble your eyes. (don’t if this counts)

I am not an electric game fan, so I got no experience relative to games.


  1. The heat. The device will turn hot while the mainframe is working. It is just like a warmer in hands in winter, which is a good thing for girls.

  2. The noise. The fans make a lot noise while the screen is working. I have not felt that before until one of my earphones dropped off yesterday. The fans span like a peg-top. (this is kind of dangerous on that scene.)

  3. The system is Android 4.4, which requires a lot of APK. I downloaded several APPs like DS and Video, but couldn’t install them. I can’t connect it to NAS at home.

  4. The buttons on the mainframe is motional and noisy.

  5. Make sure that there is no Temporary Internet Files in SDMMC, USB or mobile HD. Otherwise these devices can not load in the system. (I knew this from the customer service.)

  6. Can you believe that the power light is as bright as a flash light?That is a total disaster.

Hum… this is all. Goods sides and bad ones.


Despite the problems of this device, it is valuable to have such a HMD to solve problems for people like me, even its price is a little high.

Here is some feelings about the external devices. According to the official theory, to get complete experience, I need to use devices with HDMI connectors like PC, Xbox, PS. I can’t get that experience coz I don’t have even one of them. (The main reason is that I don’t money. I have consulted in an experience center. I was told that I had to have HDMI frog if I want to connect those devices to my Goovis. If I want to connect my phone to the screen, I have to buy an extra Lighting wine to transform. All in all, money can work everything out officially.)

Why didn’t I buy a pair of VR glasses?

I have used VR glasses a lot, from the hand-clamping version, integrated version to the version with more advanced reality imitation screen. But I found that none of them can satisfy my needs, because I am not an electric game fan. You only care about the big size of the screen when you watch movies. And mainly, the granular sensation of VR glasses is really bothering, maybe it is also because that the ones that I used are not very well-developed.

In addition:

  1. VR glasses is so uncomfortable on face that they can make you get dizzy very easily. (I am not one of those people who are easy to get dizzy behind 3-D glasses, but I can’t handle it.)

  2. (important) VR glasses don’t support single-eye degree adjustment!  VR glasses don’t support single-eye degree adjustment! VR glasses don’t support single-eye degree adjustment!

  3. You need a nice PC to make a nice pair of VR glasses. I am too poor to have one. (We can drop this topic here.)

Thank you for reading. The end.

Author: Handsome Frog


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