H60 LCD Projector 60 Lumens Review


H60 LCD Projector 60 Lumens Product Description

Initially, the H60 LCD Projector 60 Lumens at some point is a must-have gadget. This projector is mini, portable, handy and very cute. It is suitable for a presentation, watching movies with family or friends, special display moment in images at special events and much more. It is available for purchase at GearBest. GearBest is the world’s leading online shopping portal where you will find items value for money.

Also, it is a projector which brings pleasure to your life. It comes with a native resolution of 430×320 pixels but makes support full 1080P resolution. The picture is vivid due to the LED bulb of the projector. The LED bulb consumes less energy and is, therefore, eco-friendly and durable. With an aspect ratio of 16:9 and 4:3, the image size of your videos and pictures are from 20 to 100 inches. Coupled with a brightness of 60 lumens, the projector displays crisp and sharp images without blurring. Likewise, it supports several devices because it has ports such as USB, HDMI, VGA, AV, 3.5mm audio jack as well as SD card slot.

Adding information to its compact design, it has a product size of 17×11.5×6.5 cm and weights 460g.

H60 LCD Projector 60 Lumens Review Project Your Life: More about this device

By all means, this device is perfect for both business and entertainment. With lots of projectors already in the market, it is difficult to decide which one to buy. Below is a full review of the awesome aspect of the projector. For instance, H60 LCD Projector 60 Lumens is available for a great deal at GearBest . Why not drop in there and get yours?

Product Specifications

Model: H60

Native Resolution: 430×320

Resolution Support: 1920×1080

Brightness Support: 60 Lumens

Aspect Ratio: 16:9 and 4:3

Available Colors: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Black, White

Lamp: LED

Lamp Life: 50000 hours

What’s in the box

H60 LCD Projector 60 Lumens Review

H60 LCD Projector 60 Lumens is the best mini projector available in the market. Consequently, after buying the device, you will obtain a package which includes the resources you need to make it work. There is the projector, the remote control, a power adapter with EU plug specification, an AV cable, a small tripod together with a user manual. Checkout dbPower projector review .

Design and Colors

Another key point is the design and color availability. This portable projector is the favorite of the Chinese market. There is no need to talk much about it because it is mention as the top 7 mini projectors. The device is the best looking projector. It is the new era of plastic devices. The H60 LCD Projector 60 Lumens is ovular in shape and has a curved design. Another cool aspect is that it is available in a wide range of candy colors. The different colors are Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Black, as well as White.

H60 Projector Views

H60 LCD Projector 60 Lumens Review

Firstly, the top view of the projector will show the power button, the source button, the menu button along with the up, down, left and right buttons respectively.

H60 LCD Projector 60 Lumens Review

Next, is the side view of this mini portable device. It will show up the slot for SD card reader and TV outlet port.

H60 LCD Projector 60 Lumens Review

Lastly, the back view of the device will have an Infra-Red (IR) port, a USB, HDMI VGA, AV, audio output plus a 12V DC adapter ports respectively. It also has air outlets.

Installation Methods

Moreover, installing the H60 LCD Projector 60 Lumens any novice can do it. However, for installing on the ceilings, it is better to contact a professional. Below is a pictorial description of how the projector can be mounted in front and rear projection both on ceiling and table mounts.

Devices Support

In the light of understanding the device support for H60 LCD Projector 60 Lumens, it is good to remember about the ports available. Additionally, it supports several devices. With all common ports such as USB, HDMI, AV, VGA, SD card reader, TV over and above with other alternatives, it is super convenient to connect to multiple devices. With the TV port, a TV box and satellite TV are easily connected. The projector allows connecting the following: computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, camcorder, DVD player, game consoles, HiFi as well as other audio devices.

Product Analysis

H60 LCD Projector 60 Lumens Review Furthermore, the projector is small and lightweight. You can carry this device easily as it is very handy. It consumes less energy and has a lamp of 50000 hours’ lifespan. So you can be sure that you will use this projector for long. It is apparent that with such gadget, troubleshooting does not require a professional. Any layman can do it if ever there is a problem. For instance, it is a multifunction apparatus which allows input from devices supporting ports listed in the image above. Likewise, you can project your images and videos from this projector in simpler forms.

H60 LCD Projector 60 Lumens Review Nonetheless, the H60 LCD Projector 60 Lumens has a picture rendering technology. Though it has a native resolution of 430×320, it does support Full HD. The projection distance is about 1.2 – 3.6 meters which allow placing the projector to a correct distance. It produces bright and sharp images. The ovular shape of this projector has accurate ventilation. In the like manner, it supports perfect air flow, thus, cooling the projector properly.


Ever thought that this mini projector is available at its best price at GearBest? Yes! You are right, H60 LCD Projector 60 Lumens is on the shelves at the world best online shopping website, GearBest. Grab it now for $60.47. This projector is a must-have device as it is very handy. Don’t wait too much, get yours TODAY!



Best Mini Projector


Light Weight

Available in five different colors

Support 1920×1080 resolution

Multiple Devices Connect

Low Power Consumption


Sound quality is decent but not great.

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To sum up, it will be interesting to get your views on the H60 LCD Projector 60 Lumens. You would agree that using a projector is recommended nowadays. Don’t rush to buy other projectors! Take your time and read this review. I bet you love the candy colors. Feel free to drop a comment about your views on this projector and also which CANDY color you prefer. Projectors are available in some brands, but I would recommend the H60 LCD Projector 60 Lumens.

H60 LCD Projector 60 Lumens Review
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Sound and Speakers7.1
Cost Effectiveness8.3
Ease of use8.9
Sound Quality8.7
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