H96-P DLP Portable Android Projector Review


If you are in the market for a decent projector that you can carry with you where ever you go and also have it run Android for convenience, the H96-P DLP is a good option to look at. Especially since it is capable of projecting up to 300 Inches images. So, in this review, let’s find out if this IS the one you are looking for.

What’s In The Box?

H96-P DLP Portable Android Projector Review

Let’s start off with what we get in the box along with the projector. We get virtually everything we need to get started right inside the box. A soft touch pouch to carry the portable projector around. An adapter with the appropriate plug type for your country (In this case we have the Europian plug), a USB remote controller (Which by the way is not a proprietary adapter, and can be used with any projector or computer for presentations), a mini tripod with extendable legs and a ball head to get the correct alignment of the projector.


Almost all of the external components of the projector is made up of plastic with rounded edges for comfortable carrying. The build is very solid and does not feel cheap at all.

H96-P DLP Portable Android Projector Review

The top of the projector has basic Capacitive touch controls for directional, select, and back functions. While the front of the projector houses the main lens arrangement, the speaker grill, and the ventilation ports for it to keep cool.

H96-P DLP Portable Android Projector Review

On the right side is where we find most of the I/O. Namely, a full-size HDMI port, the power input jack which takes 5V 2A, two full-size USB 2.0 Ports, and finally a slider switch for power on and off.

H96-P DLP Portable Android Projector Review

The left side of the H96-P DLP houses a MicroSD card slot through which we can expand the onboard memory up to 64GB, for media and app storage. Here, we also find the focus adjustment dial, through which we can change the sharpness of the projected image.

H96-P DLP Portable Android Projector Review

At the rear of the projector is where the 3.5mm audio output jack is located for audio out, in case the internal speaker is not loud enough.

H96-P DLP Portable Android Projector Review

And Finally at the bottom is where we find a threaded mount for the included tripod, and also a kick-stand if we choose not to use the included tripod.


Talking about the specifications of the H96-P DLP Projector, it has a native resolution of 854 x 480. However, it does have support for 720P, 1080P, as well as 4K. The projector sports a 3W LED which has a brightness of 100 Lumens. It also has DLP (Day Light Processing), which basically means that the images are overall not too saturated and not too dim. It runs on Android 6.0.1 Marshmellow. All of this is powered by an Amlogic S905X processor with 2Gb of RAM and 16GB of onboard storage. This SOC also has support for 802.11 WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0 which the H96-P supports. Finally, since the projector is portable, it does have a massive 3,500mAh battery.

Setup & Review

Setting up the H96-P DLP Projector is very simple. Mount the projector on the included tripod, turn it on and adjust focus dial to make the image sharp. Since the Projector has full automatic keystone, setting it up is as simple as that. However, if we prefer to adjust the keystone manually, there is an option in the software menu to disable auto keystone.

H96-P DLP Portable Android Projector Review

Since the projector runs android, there are a lot of apps that are available in the Play Store like YouTube from which we can stream content. Since there is 802.11 dual-band WiFi, playback is also very smooth. If we prefer to play our media from a smartphone or a computer, it does also have Miracast support, which is also very smooth.

H96-P DLP Portable Android Projector Review

Although running Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow, there is a skin on top of the OS, to make it easier to navigate using just a single remote, very much like most smart-TV’s and Set-top boxes. The UI also has every indicated we need to check the status of the connection, battery level, etc. Talking about the battery, it lasts up to 2.5 Hours while continuous media playback, which makes it perfect for watching one movie on the go.


Portable projectors are hit or miss in most cases. Especially at this price point. Most projectors in this price range skip out on most basic features like keystone adjustment, even manually. This is a nifty little projector that has almost all of the features offered by mainstream companies like Sony, which cost two or three times more expensive.

In conclusion, considering all the features and comfort it offers, this is a great projector to buy, to take it on the go to a presentation, or a camping night out. So, if you do want to pick up the H96-P Projector, you can do so from GearBest for just $197.33 .

H96-P DLP Portable Android Projector Review
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