HaiWay H3000 Mini Review: A Projector helped me Live my Dream


What I do believe is that all the tech enthusiasts are by default Gamers or them likely to play multimedia games! Isn’t it correct? If not then at least I found this with most of the people to whom I met till the date. In this post, I will be going to share my own experience as a buyer’s review of the HaiWay H3000 Mini Projector, especially from a gamer’s perspective. So keep reading and explore more helpful information regarding the product.

HaiWay H3000 Mini Review: A Projector helped me Live my Dream

Technology keeps on sprouting not only in gaming consoles but also on modern projectors and home theater speakers. By using all of them together, you can turn your gaming setup almost into a theater-like experience.

Use of a Projector in Gaming

I am using HaiWay H3000 mini projector from past few days, and as a user, I can now share my experience with the same. I am using it as a Gaming Projector. Did you ever try using a projector for gaming? If not then this post can help you if you are interested in Fantasy Gaming like me!

HaiWay H3000 Mini Review: A Projector helped me Live my Dream

Today highly graphics 4k and virtual reality games are available to play. Using a projector in gameplay can completely change your gaming experience. You can hardly identify whether you are playing a game or watching a Hollywood film! It is a fact that video gaming has a significant, significant impact on our mind.

You can find different genres of games on popular consoles like Sony PlayStation, XBOX, Nintendo and many more in the gaming business. After all, playing games can enhance ones strategic, team player, never, and many other skills. Applying in our normal real life is helpful.

How Do I Get the Idea?

It happens past month, one day I found myself sitting alone in a theater and playing GTA game. It was an astonishing experience for me while playing my favorite game on a big screen. At the same time enjoying stunning gaming sound coming from all over the interiors of the Theater!

HaiWay H3000 Mini Review: A Projector helped me Live my Dream

Suddenly I woke up! Yes, it was all my dream. I feel little sad, but at the same time, it encourages me to make this idea possible in reality as well. It doesn’t mean that I can buy a theater for my gaming. However, at least I can turn one of my room into a theater-like experience exclusively to enjoy the best of gaming.

How did I decide to Buy HaiWay H3000 Mini Projector?

I already have a projector in my home that my family is using it to watch videos and programs all the time. So I thought it is best to purchase a new projector for my gaming needs. I do not want any argument with my family members to share their projector for my gaming!

HaiWay H3000 Mini Review: A Projector helped me Live my Dream

Not having a big budget to buy a new one since I am not a heavy gamer who can play the games for hours daily. I want to live my dream every weekend that’s it. So I thought to choose from the budgetary projectors having features favorable for gaming. After doing a brainstorming for about four days finally, I decided to buy HaiWay H3000 portable Projector.

What did I get?

I purchased HaiWay H3000 Mini Projector at a price of around $200. About the product packaging, I would say it is fairly nice because it is a lightweight, portable projector. I think the weight of the packaging box including the projector and accessories in it is correct as per what mentioned in its specifications, i.e., 0.5kg. Its size approximates to 15.00 x 16.50 x 6.00 cm / 5.91 x 6.5 x 2.36 inches as width, length and height respectively.

HaiWay H3000 Mini Review: A Projector helped me Live my Dream

The complete package includes 1x Power Adapter, 1 x USB cable, 1 x User Manual and of course 1 x Haiway H3000 Portable projector. The weight of the projector is approximately 0.2 kg, Yes it portable and of a lightweight! The dimensions of the H3000 projector is nearly 10.00 x 12.00x 2.00 cm / 3.94 x 4.72 x 0.79 inches considering its width, length and height respectively.

Why have I Chosen HaiWay H3000 Mini Projector?

During my research in finding the best portable projector for my gaming needs, I have considered many Factors. Based on which HaiWay H3000 portable Projector prove itself a right choice for me to buy it for myself.

It has a beautiful leather etch enclosure design. Here are some factors that you can consider whenever you will plan to buy a new projector to experience theater-like gaming experience;

HaiWay H3000 Mini Review: A Projector helped me Live my Dream

Projection Display Resolution:

If we talk about using a projector in an office, the resolution doesn’t matter much for most of the tasks like powerpoint presentations and so on. But if you are planning to buy a projector for a home theater experience, then you must check for the maximum resolution offering by a projector.

HaiWay H3000 Mini Review: A Projector helped me Live my Dream

For gaming minimum projection display resolution of 1080p, i.e., Full HD is highly recommended or above than that. HaiWay H3000 supports Full HD movies and Gaming further making it a perfect choice for a high-end gaming setup.

Projection Display Brightness:

There are two main factors based on which you can determine the brightness of a projector. One is projector display size, and other is the ambient light as per your viewing location. Always be smart which choosing a projector.

If you buy a projector having high brightness then for sure it may charge your more. So it is better to identify the location or room where you are going to use the projector and then decide about a projector as per.

HaiWay H3000 Mini Review: A Projector helped me Live my Dream

H3000 provides a maximum display brightness of about 150 lumens. Its hardware is also based on Digital Light Processing Technology. Therefore, making the projector to display razor sharp, crystal clear and lifelike images.

Projection Display Contrast Ratio:

The contrast ratio of the projector output is directly proportional to the brightness of the display. The more the contract ratio brighter the image you will be got on the projected screen. Many well-known gaming titles are designed in a way to perform better even in the dark situation of gameplay. For which they are including high dynamic color changes in their game itself.

HaiWay H3000 Mini Review: A Projector helped me Live my Dream

HaiWay H3000 Mini projector delivers an output projection of contrast ratio 5727 which makes it a good candidate as a gaming projector.

Projection Lag:

A projection lag is a time it takes for the projector to produce an image. A long delay can completely disturb your actual gaming experience. You may find sound sync issues with the video playing on the screen, and further you start hating the projector. So always take care of it. Before buying a projector for gaming, you must consider the RAM and operating system that the project comprises.

HaiWay H3000 Mini Review: A Projector helped me Live my Dream

HaiWay H3000 mini projector includes 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of internal ROM. You can also extend its memory capacity with the help of a Micro SD card up to 32 GB. With all such essential features, you will hardly feel any lag in your gaming experience.

Projection Refresh Rate:

You can identify it as the capability of the projector to process a game or any other video. The faster is the processor the higher will be the refresh rates, and you will be able to experience a smoother gaming performance.

HaiWay H3000 Mini Review: A Projector helped me Live my Dream

H3000 projector ensures fast projection refresh rates with the help of two main factors. First of all, you can connect a gaming console directly to the projector without the need of any receiver. So the signals can travel directly and hence faster! Secondly, it is based on Android 4.4 Operating system that makes HaiWay H3000 a truly smart projector in performance.

Extra Features:

On above points, I already mentioned many of the main features regarding the HaiWay H3000 mini projector. Now I want to share some more features that make the projector not only fit for gaming but also for other residential and official needs.

Dual Band Wifi: H3000 portable projector has 802.11 b/g/n/ac 2 bands Wi-Fi connectivity. One of 50GHz at a speed of up to 120Mbps and another one of 2.4GHz at a rate of 40Mbps. Using the wireless connectivity of projector you can access the internet conveniently.

HaiWay H3000 Mini Review: A Projector helped me Live my Dream

iPhone Remote: You can connect your iPhone with the projector and further use it as a remote control to operate your H3000 portable projector. To do so, you only need to scan a QR code.

Enjoy Wireless Connectivity: H3000 comes with a remote controller based on infrared technology. It has a pretty good range of operation. Not only this, but the project also supports useful features like VOD, TV Direct Transmission, and Wireless Screen.

HaiWay H3000 Mini Review: A Projector helped me Live my Dream

Bigger Battery: The projector is having a rechargeable lithium battery of around 3000-4000mAh. On a full charge, I can use the product for about 2.5 hours of continuous gameplay. Thanks to the big battery, you can also use the projector as a power bank for your gadgets like smartphones or so! However, I didn’t try it till now.

Fantastic Sound Experience: H3000 has a built-in HiFi speaker of about 8 Ohm and 1 watt. It is enough for regular use. However, my ultimate aim is to build up a theater on my home itself, so I am using it with the external high-quality home theater speakers.

HaiWay H3000 Mini Review: A Projector helped me Live my Dream

Compatible Aspect Ratios: The projector is capable of projecting the images and videos those are having aspect ratios of either 16:9 or 4:3. It comprises the native resolution of 854 x 480 pixels.

Superior Performance: HaiWay H3000 mini portable projector is processing the contents using a four core CPU in addition to an eight-core GPU. That is what I like the most about this projector as a priority to choose it to ensure my smooth gaming performance.

An Outlook on the Specifications

  • Material: The complete body of H3000 projector is made up of both Plastic and Glass.
  • Lamp Bulb: green LED
  • Lamp: 2099 lumens
  • Power Supply: It is recommended to use the projector at a constant voltage supply of about 5V.

HaiWay H3000 Mini Review: A Projector helped me Live my Dream

  • Interface: You can connect different interface devices with the H3000 mini projector. It has a TF card slot, one Micro USB port, One USB port, and one Audio out port.
  • Bluetooth: 4.0
  • Image Formats: You can view images having BMP, JPG and PNG extensions.
  • Video Formats: The projector is supporting RMVB, AVI, MP4 and MOV video formats.
  • Audio Formats: You can play different extensions of audio files on the projector such as WMA, MP3, and WAV.

My Review on H3000 Portable Projector:

At last, I can say why you anymore need a big screen TV if you can use a portable projector like H3000. You can without any hassle carry the projector from one room to another in your house. A mini projector is also well suited to an office environment considering convenience, and quick setup. I am happy with its performance!

The best part is,

HaiWay H3000 Mini Review: A Projector helped me Live my Dream

You can use HaiWay H3000 mini projector not only to enjoy a better experience while gaming but also to convert your home into a home theater. You can enjoy watching movies having unique graphics, sound effects using H3000. Use it in combination with a good quality home theater speakers for the far better experience.

Today the gaming is not limited to kids enjoying themselves in bedrooms, and you can see youths are more involved in PC and console gaming. Today, many online gaming tournaments organized on colleges, offices, etc. In which many people use to play together in a single game and finally the winner will get the price!

HaiWay H3000 Mini Review: A Projector helped me Live my Dream

Not only youths,

I think games are necessary for the children those are above seven years of age. It helps them in proper growth of their mental skills with their age. I hope one day I can see every home have gaming consoles with home theater setup. You will ultimately enjoy gaming with complete Family including people of all age groups!

HaiWay H3000 Mini Review: A Projector helped me Live my Dream
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