You will never see a more botched performance caught on camera. The Chinese Association of Sweden put on a Chinese cultural arts festival that was a pretty huge disaster. Some of the worst singing, kung fu, and dance you’ll see in a long time was passed off as traditional Chinese culture. The whole world is fascinated by Chinese culture, but what exactly is traditional Chinese culture? It might not be so easy to find an answer. For decades, the Chinese Communist Party has systematically wiped out 5,000 years of Chinese history and civilization. Temples were destroyed, books were burned, and Masters were forbidden from passing down their crafts. The Book of Changes says, “things perceivable and tangible are containers; things invisible and intangible are Tao.” So while you can go to China, or see a performance group from China abroad, you’re really not getting traditional Chinese culture. It might have the trappings of it, but the actual heart has been removed.

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