Here’s How To Install Xposed Framework Without Custom Recovery


How To Install Xposed Framework Without Custom Recovery

Xposed Framework shows what your Android smartphone can do. It opens endless customization options for our Android device once you install it up on your phone. You can do anything from tweaking the UI to overclocking your phone’s processor. Well, it is very simple to install Xposed Framework on Kitkat and versions below it. But, when it comes to Android Lollipop and Marshmallow, things are alittle bit trickier. You cannot install the framework directly by installing the .apk file, but you first need to flash a zip file. Also, for that, you should have a custom Android Recovery as the stock recovery won’t let you do that thing. But, what about those phones whose custom recoveries like TWRP or CWM aren’t available? Well, in this tutorial, you will knowHow To Install Xposed Framework Without Custom Recovery on Lollipop or Marshmallow. Do you know that the developers are working on Xposed Framework For Nougat ? Anyways, Here is a Video Tutorial:

Steps To Install Xposed Framework Without Custom Recovery

Here’s How To Install Xposed Framework Without Custom Recovery


1. First of all, make sure that you have a rooted Android phone because only then you can proceed to the next steps. Assuming that your phone is rooted, download the Xposed Installer .apk file from the link below:

NOTE: There will be two different files, but you need to download the one that has themost number of downloads i.e., the one with smaller size.

2. Now, go tothe link for Xposed Zip , and you will find it on the same page under ‘Downloads’ Heading.

3. Here you will see four different options – SDK21, SDK22, SDK23, and Uninstaller. We don’t need the Uninstaller at the moment so let me explain you the rest of the options –

  • SDK21 is for Android 5.0
  • SDK 22 is for Android 5.1
  • SDK23 is for Android 6.0

So, select the option based on the version of Android on your device.

4. Once you tap on preferred version, you will see a new page with more options. Here, the options will be – ARM, ARM64, and x86. Again, you need to find out the ARM version of your processor. For this, download the simple app from the Play Store called ‘DroidInfo’ and open it. Now, go to the ‘System’ tab and on the top you will see the ARM version. Tap on the version of your processor, and then you will see a list of Xposed Installer zip files.

5. Always Remember that the latest zip file is always the 2nd Last file so tap on it and it will be downloaded.


Here’s How To Install Xposed Framework Without Custom Recovery

1. Go to Play Store and download the app called ‘ FlashFire .’ This is developed by Chainfire, and it is a successor to the much popular ‘Mobile Odin’ app. So, once you will download it, open it up and grant it root permissions.

2. After the app is given the root permissions, you will get a simple and minimal interface. From here, tap on the ‘Plus’ button and choose ‘Flash Zip or OTA.’ Now, go to the location where you’ve downloaded the Xposed Installer zip file and tap on file.

3. Keep the options as they are and tap on the ‘Check’ icon. Now, just tap on ‘Lightning’ Button to flash the file, and that’s it. Your phone will reboot, and the zip file will be flashed without the need of any custom recovery.

4. Finally, install the .apk file of the Xposed Installer that you downloaded in the beginning and open it. In the ‘Frameworks section, you will see that it shows ‘Framework is Active.’ This means the Xposed Framework has been installed without the need of a custom recovery.

So, this is how you can Install Xposed Framework without custom recovery. You can follow the video mentioned above in case you can’t understand the steps. Cheers