Honor Band 3 review: Budget Oriented Fitness Band


The original intention of buying a Honor Band 3 was to look at the time, measure the quality of the sleep and count my footsteps, so the request was not very much.

After using it for a week, I felt except those functions, there are a lot of other functions like calling, alarm clock, Wechat and SMS reminder (There are other reminders, but I use these more often.)

Honor Band 3 review: Budget Oriented Fitness Band

With water resistance up to 50 meters, there is no need to remove the wristband when bathing now, and even taking a bath in the hot springs. It is 50-meters-waterproof, so you do not have to worry about wearing it even when snorkeling. And it is also with an outstanding swimming record function, but I cannot swim, so it is meaningless for me.

It has a longer standby time, which is the fourth advantage.The official standby time can reach to 30 days, I did not open the automatic heart rate mode and wore it for a month, only charged twice, with an average of 15 days one time. I am very satisfied.

It will keep vibrating when there’s a call or information or an alarm! This is very useful to me, because I hate the phone to ring suddenly. Especially when I concentrate on doing something, it really startles me, so I always turn off the ringtone, and my information are all not in no reminding-mode, which may often lead to miss the important phone calls or information. With this band, I no longer have to worry about it. As long as in the Bluetooth link area, I do not have to keep the phone in hand, and I will miss no important information! This is the most useful function for me!

The display of content is vertical, and it can only display three screens. Some important information can be read directly on the band, no longer have to check it on the phone. And its scientific sleep is very interesting; you need to view it on the APP on the phone. Binding it with APP is relatively simple, the trouble is that this wristband needs two APP, a Huawei wear, a sporty health, can they be combined into an app at the same time and manage function of the manage and view the data? Look at the lost week’ data. There is none. Pity!

In addition to these functions I’m concerned about, there are some others like pedometers, heart rates, running and swimming that can be viewed directly on the wristband! Running while watching the movement, heat and heart rate is also great, together with its 50 meters waterproof and 30 days long standby.


Honor Band 3 review: Budget Oriented Fitness Band

Plug in the charging line. Keep your charger well. If it was lost, it cannot be charged.

Honor Band 3 review: Budget Oriented Fitness Band


The function of Honor Band 3 is quite enough for me, everyone will have his or her prefer functions, I think for me, sleep monitoring and information alerts and the time-display are the best.


  • The price is reasonable,

  • Good functions, with 50 meters waterproof, scientific sleep monitoring, 30 days long standby time,  information, telephone, alarm reminder, screen-bright when lifting the wrist, switch the screen when moving your wrist, NFC, you can also set your sedentary reminder! ! Good for the office lady. Every one hour to get a glass of water and go for a walk


  • The charging line is white, ugly, and doesn’t match the black band;

  • Need 2 Apps, one to manage one to view

Author: Hexiao

Source: smzdm.com

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